Jeremy M.
Other than the stuff I've already put in here...I'm a musician, drummer to be exact...been playing for about 19 years if you don't count the years beating on pots and pans. I've been called an idealist...I want to save the world. More than anyt...
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  • Tosh.o Things You Should Never Run Into a Room Saying

    A bunch of random things you should never yell into a crowded room, I hope you all come out learning something. the episode for submission had the double rainbow guys web redemption, as well as clebrity and yes that is the black man flying through the air as the preview, but was it racist decide that for yourself. We were not on the i like turtles kid and first submission contest episode. tosh.o is the funniest. The september 11th joke aired on reporter can’t break a car window with gallagher, cruise ship in ragtime storm, and taser chain.

  • Footloose in Chattanooga - Dance Explodes in Front of TN Aquarium

    Dancing to the Chattanooga Choo Choo before the Tennessee Aquarium, over 140 volunteer dancers came together on Sept. 5, 2010 to celebrate the song that made the city famous. With just three rehearsals under their belts, dancers delighted Chattanooga’s Labor Day weekend tourists and demonstrated once again the vitality of the arts in Chattanooga.

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