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    I Found 14 UFO Stories That Will Make You Want To Believe

    Beam me up, Reddit.

    Nope, Jordan Peele's new horror film centered around UFOs, comes to theaters July 22. But why wait for some alien encounters when you can go to r/UFOs and read some eye witness accounts?

    Honestly, I'm the type of guy that would hang an "I Don't Believe" poster in his room, but that doesn't make these accounts any less compelling. The horror behind UFOs is this sensation of being watched and the dread of the unknown. Plus, if you're like me, you just watched the The X-Files a lot when you were a kid.

    A man points at a UFO in the sky

    So I gathered 15 recent and compelling UFO sightings and stories that are making me ask, "What the hell are these people seeing?"

    1. Brotherly encounter:

    "I was taking a walk after dinner with my brother, and it was a clear sky when suddenly my brother saw a small object, like a dot, moving straight. When I saw it, suddenly, it started moving zig-zag at first. I thought it was bird or drone but after two or three zig-zags, it vanished. I swear it was moving very fast.

    Tbh I was scared but I don't know why."


    2. Light over Hawaii:

    "I live on the southwest side of Oahu, Hawaii. At approximately 7:50 p.m., I noticed a bright flashing ball moving across the sky quite quickly from my bedroom window. As I began to analyze it more, I noticed it was moving faster than anything I had ever seen, but it didn't seem to make ANY noise. If you didn't know, Oahu is basically a militarized island. So I hear and see a lot of commercial, private and military aircraft 24/7. However, this thing was different. It didn't look like any normal aircraft that has the red and green flashing lights on the wings.

    The ENTIRE craft was slowly flashing, as if it were a flashing ball of light and it didn't make any noise, so it couldn't be a jet of any kind. Stealth crafts don't typically emit any light, or any at all, compared to what I just saw."


    3. A white, unidentified flying object:

    "On July 1, I was heading to work at 9 a.m., crystal clear blue skies. I thought I saw a white passenger plane flying low with no contrails. After watching it for a minute, I could tell there were no wings. It was just a white torpedo shape. Then it just disappeared without a trace anywhere on the horizon.

    That would be the second one I’ve seen on that highway, with the previous one being a black rectangle thing."


    4. A festival of the unusual:

    "I had to work at Glastonbury Festival this year...whilst taking a break, during the day by my tent in Tom's Field, I sat back and marveled the strong winds and how cool they were making the day. I looked up toward the sky, and at first, I saw what looked like a bubble, too big to stay whole in this wind, then I thought maybe a piece of litter (I love how the brain gives you all the boring possibilities first).

    Curious enough to stand up and have a good look, I saw an almost transparent orb, with a blue tint. It was throbbing though. It was made up of two circles, as one stayed a circle the other squished to an oval, and they changed like that throughout the one-minute experience. As I was watching, this throbbing, a smaller one identical to it, came rushing up the hill to the 'parent' one, and they both chipped off into the trees. Lovely little experience which always puts things in perspective."


    5. Through the branches:

    "It was late in the evening, maybe 9–10 p.m. I was walking my dog with my girlfriend through some quiet residential roads. We were talking. Suddenly, I noticed something bright moving above us through the leaves of a tree, and I quickly looked up. I couldn't tell what it was, since it was obscured by leaves, but it was moving fast and in the direction of an opening where I could see the sky. When it made it to that open patch of sky, my eyes locked on it. It was a pure white circle, with no discernable detail, and it seemed emissive.

    There were no bright lights pointed up at the sky, yet it seemed to glow like the moon. It quickly escaped my view behind another tree, and when I ran around to see it again, it was gone.

    It couldn't have flown away that fast, I could still see the sky where it was headed, but it was just gone."


    6. A mystery in Colombian mountains:

    "I live up in the mountains just outside Medellin, Colombia. It was a crystal clear night (unusual where I live) and I was outside stargazing. I saw two shooting stars and then what I can only describe as a rock that looked exactly like an asteroid float by.

    The 'rock' was lit up by the moon and I could clearly see the craters and crevices. The object was very slowly tumbling and I could even see how the shadows changed as the object rotated. There was no light emanating from the object itself. Instead, it was lit up the same way the moon is lit up. In fact, it looked like a chunk of the moon just floating through the sky.

    I watched the object for about eight to 10 seconds before it went behind a wispy cloud. The object and the cloud were moving in opposite directions (cloud toward me and object away from me), so I expected to see the object when the cloud passed. I was surprised when it didn't, but perhaps it had gotten too far away by then."


    7. Red fills the sky:

    "I was standing outside and looking at the sky, when, out of nowhere, I saw a flying red orb descending fast towards the ground. It may have been a plane, or a piece of a firework, but I don't think it was. There were fireworks being fired, but none had been fired for a solid minute...I ran back outside and the object just disappeared. I have no clue what I saw."


    8. Recurring speedy object over Southwest Florida:

    "I have experienced this phenomenon in Southwest Florida. Same area in three different directions. Three separate times. It's a bright light seen 6–7 miles away. You think it's a jet. You stop and look at it with a stationary object like a tree or roofline in line sight of light. Then, you realize this light is making short, quick, and random maneuvers. No nab lights. No blinking beacon. Just random lights moving up-down, left-to-right with no pattern or any sense. All three times I've watched them for hours. Not a drone."


    9. Grandma abducted:

    "My grandma has told me this story many times: One night she was just sitting in the living room taking care of her cat that was giving birth, and she saw lights coming from the sky. Then, she saw a beam of light.

    The next thing she remembered was her getting off the couch and seeing that the cat had given birth to her kittens."


    10. Backyard craft in West Texas:

    "I grew up on a ranch in West Texas. I was in elementary school, maybe about seven or eight years old, when I heard a loud whirring motor sound outside. It was night outside, about 11 p.m. We were about 30 miles from the nearest small town with no public roads around for miles. Our small ranch house was on the side of a hill with the front yard facing down and the backyard sloped steeply upwards.

    I walked out the back door and looked up the hill. There was a UFO craft of some kind. It was round with lights rimming the outside and one bigger light in the very center. It was hovering about 30 or 40 feet above our backyard. It was loud. I remember calling for my mom. She came outside and got very scared. I remember not understanding what was going on. She pulled me inside and we went to go grab my dad. By the time we got back outside, it was gone.

    I know it wasn’t a dream because my mom tells the story the same way, even though that was over 20 years ago. What did I see? I think about it often. It’s a core memory for me."


    11. First-time sighting at camp:

    "This was my first time seeing anything I legitimately believed was a UFO, and although it was a long time ago, the memory just recently popped back into my head as vivid as ever.

    Back in 2012, I was at a sleep-away summer camp where we got to sleep under the stars for one night. I remember laying on the ground and staring up at the night sky and being amazed at how bright all the stars were. I spotted a few shooting stars which I thought was very cool, but all of a sudden I saw something that was very clearly not a shooting star moving across the sky. It was four or five bars of light (very similar to the shape and pattern of the Ford Mustang turn signals, except white and thin, that lit up for a second and then went out in sequential order.

    One of the camp counselors saw it as well and told me it was just a satellite (which I believed at the time), but now that I reflect on it, I don’t see how any satellite could look like that."


    12. UFO or Pac-Man ghost:

    "This happened at night. I was in my bedroom looking out the window at the lake behind my house. All of a sudden I saw it this light shaped sort of like a Pac-Man ghost: Round top and three triangles pointed downward made entirely of light. I watched it hover over the water for several minutes. I couldn’t take my eyes off it. All of a sudden it plunged quickly down into the water and I couldn’t see anything for a few beats. Then it came shooting back up, hovered again for a moment, and flew off.

    I’ve never seen anything like it before or after. The way it looked and the way it moved was…unexplainable. Or maybe there is an explanation I just don’t know/can’t figure out."


    13. Yellow orb pulsating in the sky:

    "My wife was taking our dog out late last night and rushed in to get me. There was this strange hovering, pulsating yellow orb over the tree line by our house. It hovered there for a good five minutes before slowly flying over our house. There was no engine noise from planes that fly over. From the back, it kind of looked triangular in shape with lights extending outward."


    14. There's something in the lightning storm:

    "I was seven stories up and stepped outside onto the balcony to watch the storm roll in. There were magnificent flashes and loud strikes.

    Looking out toward the Skyway bridge, I first spotted two bright orbs coming from the direction of the airport climb, dip, and change direction very quickly. They headed out towards the bridge.

    I went inside to fetch a stargazing laser pointer, and upon returning, I saw another set of three orbs flying the same direction, same movements, BUT one of the orbs dipped INTO the water and shot back out. I shone the pointer at and circled that orb, and it STOPPED midair. It stayed there for three or four seconds, did a little up and down movement, and continued on its flight to join the others.

    After checking a map, I had concluded I was standing less than three miles away."


    Have you ever had a sighting of something you would define as an "Unidentified Flying Object" in the sky? Comment below and share with us!

    Note: Responses have been edited for length/clarity.