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Tell Me About A Time, As A Student Athlete, Where You Felt Your Coach Crossed The Line

Hard coaching doesn't mean good coaching.

If you are (or were) a student athlete, you know that the intensity of sports can bring the best — and worst — out of people, and it starts at the very top with coaching.

A coach yelling

Most student athletes will experience great memories learning from under their coaches, but one can't ignore the stress and pressure that weighs on both athletes and coaches. Sometimes, even decent coaches might do or say something that you deem as "going too far" in your competitive environment.

An athlete that appears to be praying

Maybe your coach thought the best way to break up a scuffle was to tackle one of the helmet-less instigators into the pavement, almost severely injuring the student far worse than the pushing and shoving that had occurred.

Maybe for cheer team practice, a coach's verbal "motivation tactics" got a little too personal toward one of your team members to the point that other cheerleaders walked out of practice in support of their upset friend.

Cheerleader stressed

Maybe your coach made you do excessive drills after practice or overworked you to a point that had left you wondering if they had any awareness of all the work you put into your game.

Or perhaps, your coach's sole purpose is to be as mean as hell, and they had daily screaming matches that made them awful to deal with.

Please share your DETAILED nightmare stories about your coach in the comments for the chance to be featured in a BuzzFeed Community post. (Feel free to simply refer to them as "coach.")

If you'd wish to remain anonymous, feel free to share your story by sending them on over to us in this anonymous Google form.