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    Logan Paul Signed A WWE Contract, And People Have Thoughts

    This won't be his first time in WWE's squared circle.

    Logan Paul has officially put pen to paper and signed a multi-year contract with WWE. Paul is officially a WWE Superstar.

    Twitter: @LoganPaul

    Paul had a tag team match at WrestleMania 38 this past April and was a guest in WrestleMania 37, where he was stunned by Kevin Owens as the crowd cheered:

    He won his most recent match (his pro wrestling debut) at WM38, but his tag partner — star of USA Network's Miz & Mrs and WWE Superstar The Miz — turned on his celebrity friend:

    The last time we saw @mikethemiz and @LoganPaul together...

    Twitter: @WWE

    So, with WWE's Money in the Bank coming this Saturday, Logan Paul's message to Miz makes it very clear that his first storyline will see the two former tag partners going head-to-head.

    Logan Paul holds a note that says "Coming for you Miz"

    The reaction from the pro wrestling community has been a bit of a mixed bag, but there has been plenty of buzz:

    You have people making light of the signing, which, honestly, it's pro wrestling, so how can't you poke a little fun?

    Logan Paul when it’s time to wrestle Undertaker and Kane in a steel cage

    Twitter: @RandyOrtonStan

    But there is plenty of understandable displeasure from fans due to Paul's controversial history:

    Imagine you trained your entire life to wrestle just to be outshined by Logan Paul, the man who got famous by going to a suicide forest and filming a fake dead body and uploading to yt .. almost shameful to know he’s the next Brock Lesnar w little - no experience 🤣

    Twitter: @flat_stanleyxo

    Y'all. How do we let the entire world forget about the terrible shit that Logan Paul and Jake Paul do every single fucking time they do something not terrible. Like "Holy shit! Terrible person doesn't do a bad thing today! Let's give them money and more attention for it!"

    Twitter: @TstrWffl

    Unfortunately, unlikability SELLS in the WWE, and Paul does have some legitimate athletic ability and an understanding of playing the heel (bad guy), so I think most fans understand the purpose behind the signing.

    wwe really saw the heat logan paul got for doing the three amigos and frog splash on rey mysterio and said here's your contract damn lmaooooo

    Twitter: @beckysbiceps

    If you think Logan Paul signing with WWE is a bad move, you're a bad businessman.

    Twitter: @wrestlelamia

    Celebs stepping into WWE TV are usually disliked by the pro wrestling community no matter who they are, but with some unlikely exceptions.

    Can we keep Logan Paul away from WWE and bring back Bad Bunny????

    Twitter: @CorpseKnightFia

    I'm clearly not alone in wishing it was Bad Bunny who received a contract.

    Logan Paul getting a contract….that should’ve been bad bunny

    Twitter: @Queenofallerass

    Hats off to Bad Bunny and any celeb who steps in the ring, because pro wrestling is very physically demanding. I'm sure the pay is incredible, but you know most stars are doing this for fun and love of rasslin':

    logan paul will NEVER be bad bunny

    Twitter: @maximoffmiIf

    How do you feel about a polarizing person like Logan Paul getting paid by WWE to pro wrestle? Will you tune in to watch him? Comment below!

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