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    Will Ferrell Reprises Jackie Moon Character To Surprise The Golden State Warriors

    The Flint Tropics comeback story?

    Last night, the Golden State Warriors faced the Los Angeles Clippers with a very familiar face on their side:

    Something is different about the Warriors roster 🤔 The @warriors & Jackie Moon host the @LAClippers at 10pm/et on TNT

    @NBA / Twitter / Via Twitter: @NBA

    For those who don't know, Will Ferrell played the fictional basketball player/coach/owner Jackie Moon in the 2008 film Semi-Pro.

    Apparently, Warriors star Klay Thompson is a big fan of Jackie's work. It could be the shorts...the hair...or maybe his two-handed underhand free throws!

    Will Ferrell pulled up as Jackie Moon to get some shots up with Klay 😂 (via @warriors)

    @NBAonTNT / Twitter / Via Twitter: @NBAonTNT

    Here's another look at Klay realizing Ferrell was in "Full Moon" character:

    Klay had a priceless reaction when Jackie Moon showed up 🤣

    @NBCSWarriors / Twitter / Via Twitter: @NBCSWarriors

    He can hit 'em from deep! Watch out Steph Curry, this man might steal your minutes if coach wants a bigger body on the court!

    There's a new Splash Bro in town. JACKIE. MOON. 🌴

    @NBCSWarriors / Twitter / Via Twitter: @NBCSWarriors

    The rest of the league should retire if Curry-Moon start hitting this alley-oop. "PEOPLE JUST CAN'T GO FLYING THROUGH THE AIR LIKE THAT!" A reminder that Jackie Moon invented the alley-oop, according to the totally realistic Semi-Pro.

    Jackie Moon connects on an alley-oop with Steph 😮

    @NBCSWarriors / Twitter / Via Twitter: @NBCSWarriors

    Maybe Golden State should consider hiring him. He has plenty of experience.

    Player Coach Owner The Flint Tropics own, Jackie Moon

    @warriors / Twitter / Via Twitter: @warriors

    Will has a hilarious history of crashing moments in the real sports world, one worthy of its own BuzzFeed list. Like that time he went to the ESPY's and accepted an award claiming he was indeed Tiger Woods.

    Will Ferrell holds ESPY trophy

    It was all for fun at the end of the night, so I'm sure the players and fans thought it was hilarious. If they didn't, just remember the wise words of Jackie Moon:

    Would you like to see Will Ferrell play in the NBA Celebrity All-Star Game next year? Should he make another sports film? Comment below!