24 Pet Parent Stories That Other Animal Lovers Will Either Think Is A Lie Or Understand Completely

    "...He hasn’t done it since, but apparently, he’s a big ninja turtles fan!"

    I recently asked the BuzzFeed Community to share the weirdest things their pets do that no one ever believes. It turns out our pets are just as weird as us.

    Here are some of the stories you can read with your fuzzy friends:

    1. "I gave my dog a blueberry once, and instead of eating it, she peeled the skin off and left it on the floor. I don’t think I could peel a blueberry, and I have thumbs?"


    2. "I occasionally hear one of my two cats barks somewhere in my flat...I still don't know which does it."


    3. "My cat used to be addicted to baked bread. She would tear into packaging if it contained fresh bread."


    4. "My dog once filled the toe of one of my shoes with dog food. l couldn't see it when I glanced down at them to make sure I was putting on the correct one, but I freaked out for a second when I felt something unexpected in my shoe. She was VERY proud of herself! She's also unplugged my phone charger from the wall a couple of times, causing my phone to die overnight (meaning she gets to sleep in). It took me until the third time to realize it was her and that she was doing it on purpose and had to move my charger to an outlet she couldn't easily get to. Again, she was very proud of herself, but my boss was not!"


    5. "I once woke up in the middle of the night to something tickling my nose and flicked my bedside lamp on, thinking it must be a spider, to find my hamster, Kim, sitting on my pillow beside me, an inch from my face. She'd managed to break out of her (large and seemingly secured) cage, leaped four feet to the ground, explored my room, chewed up a small patch of carpet, and found a packet of sunflower seeds, which she'd filled her cheek pouches with. Then, goodness knows how, she'd managed to climb onto my bed, scramble over me, find my head, and wake me up so I could take her home. Afterward, I was freaked because I could have accidentally rolled over and hurt her, but she knew exactly what she was doing and had an excellent night's adventure..."

    "...She was a very smart little lady!"


    6. "My dog ate a hot turd out of the toilet after our nanny pooped. She got up to wipe, and my great Dane swooped in. It was so horrifying."


    Roy Wood Jr. looks disgusted and concerned

    7. "My cat used to love playing fetch, especially if it was with a ball made of alfoil. I would get down on the floor with her and give it a little flick with my finger. Then she would chase it and bring it back to me."


    8. "My dog is OBSESSED with the dishwasher. He knows when you open it (even if he’s in a different room), and his head follows the door when you open/close it. Not to mention he licks and scratches the dishwasher. Maybe it’s seeing his reflection, but it’s so funny."


    9. "Back when I had satellite, my dog could work the box because it was touch controlled rather than tactile buttons and the box responded to his nose. Turning on the box turned on the tv as well, so he would turn the tv on and change the channel without me. Most of the time, he’d just turn it on to whatever I’d been watching last, but there’s one story that sticks out to me as particularly weird. I was watching a soccer game but would periodically have to leave the room to do my laundry. The first time I left, when I came back, the TV showed Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles instead of my soccer game. It wasn’t even the next channel up or down, but several channels away. Weird, but no big deal. I just changed it back to keep watching my game. The laundry finished again, so I went to deal with that, and when I came back…Ninja Turtles."

    "...He hasn’t done it since, but apparently, he’s a big Ninja Turtles fan!"


    10. "My cat is obsessed with protein bars and will scream at me to give her bites of them. She has torn into the packaging to steal bites of them. Her favorite is Quest bars."


    11. "Maybe the most dangerous. However, we live on the second floor of our apartment building, we had just put our window A/C back in, and we didn't have our side panels in yet, so we had to make do with our curtains for the time being to stick in the sides so no outside air or anything else was coming in. My cat decided to run a sprint, and he ran so fast towards our window that he almost fell out and even got so far as to climb partially on the back of our A/C, which is the part that hangs outside."

    "...All good now, though, as I was able to get our panels."


    12. "My family and I joke that my dog is indestructible. He has eaten countless mechanical pencils, pens, and anything plastic and wood you can imagine. He’s never had an emergency vet bill, surgery, stomach pumped, or anything like that. He passes it all just fine with zero issues. He also habitually moonwalks when he is frustrated or excited, which is the funniest thing ever."


    13. "My cat likes to be lint rolled! Yes, the thing you use on your clothes! She LOVES it to the point of meowing sadly when I stop."


    14. "My dog ate two pounds of chocolate once and survived. She was small, too, a terrier mix. She could also open trash cans by herself and do a handstand whenever she pees. I miss her every day. She was such a sweet girl who blessed my family for 16 years with her love and affection."


    15. "My dog knows how to get out of her crate but only does it when someone is home. We’ve tried cameras, and she just sits in her crate when we’re out, but when we get back, she lets herself out."


    16. "The first time we gave one of our cats some cat nip, she got wild eyes, then proceeded to slap our other cat's head three times and ran off in total chaos mode. They are usually pretty friendly with each other, but she couldn’t handle her nip."


    17. "I had a cat that would very quietly open my cabinets but never took anything out of them. For a while, he had me thinking I had either had a ghost or just poor memory because I would walk into a room I was just in to see a cabinet open that I had not touched and did not hear opened. He was finally busted when he made a little more noise than usual, stealthy little thing."


    18. "Our cat opens the pizza box and then runs away with a slice to eat in peace."


    19. "My dog regularly bugged me to go on walks. I was busy with something one day, so I told her, 'Go away. I'll take you out in an hour.' Almost an hour later, she left and was back, doing her 'time for a walk' dance."

    "...No idea how she figured out how to tell time. Or speak English."


    20. "My dog regularly finds four-leaf clovers on walks! He stops, looks at me, and then sniffs the clover. I should have named him Lucky."


    21. "My cat eats with his paws. He, like, scoops the food out of the bowl with his paw and shoves it into his mouth. He also flexes his paw to grab the food pellets on the floor to put into his mouth like he’s a person eating chips. He's done it ever since we got him at eight weeks old."


    22. "I have a black outdoor cat. I normally don't see her in the early morning much, but on this day, I did. I was looking out my window when I saw a black blur fall from a tall tree. I thought it was a bird. Nope. Guess who it was? My weird little child. Thankfully, she was alright and never did it again."


    23. "My cat learned how to open the drawer where I kept her treats, grabbed the bag, hid under the bed, and ate every last one. I was wondering why she wasn’t eating her food that day until I discovered the torn-up bag under the bed."


    24. "I was about to walk past the open bathroom door and heard someone peeing. I peek in, and there's my cat, all four paws on the front of the toilet seat and doing her business. It became a rule in the house to leave the seat up for her. Anytime we forgot, she'd just go over the drain in the bathtub."

    "...Miss that smart fur nugget. RIP, little genius."


    Do you have any unbelievable pet stories? Tell me all about them in the comments below!