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    19 Sports Moments From June That Will Leave You Stunned

    What a dive! For the win!

    Check out the best plays in sports from the month of June:

    1. Odicci Alexander makes a diving tag to secure the win for James Madison University

    James Madison softball pitcher dives to tag Oklahoma State runner at home

    2. Kawhi Leonard delivers a soul-stealing dunk

    Kawhi Leonard dunking on Jazz player

    3. Jorge Polanco makes an amazing diving throw look casual

    Jorge Polanco falling after throwing a baseball

    4. Simone Biles shines at the US Olympic Trials

    Simone Biles posing post-event

    5. Ke'Bryan Hayes makes a jaw-dropping throw to first for the out

    Ke'Bryan Hayes on the run and throwing a baseball

    6. Sha'Carri Richardson is fast... Deal with it!

    Sha'Carri Richardson pointing at time while sprinting

    7. Deandre Ayton's game-winning dunk told doubters to "witness" the Phoenix Suns

    DeAndre Ayton catching an alley-oop pass

    8. Myles Jones' diving lacrosse goal is all effort

    Myles Jones dives for a goal in lacrosse

    10. Belinda Bencic keeps playing point from the ground

    Belinda Bentic hits tennis ball while sitting on the ground

    11. Daniil Medvedev hits a wild forehand from WAY outside

    Medvedev hits tennis ball from way outside the box

    12. Patrik Schick scores a long goal from midfield

    Soccer player kicking ball from midfield

    13. Virginia catcher Logan Michaels makes a tremendous catch before falling into the dugout

    Baseball catcher catches the ball while leaning into the dugout

    14. Brad Marchand's goal makes him look like Lionel Messi on ice

    Brad Marchand handles the puck between opponents on the ice

    15. Wasabi the Pekingese steals the (Best in) Show

    Wasabi the Pekingese held by owner, who is holding a ribbon

    16. Seventeen-year-old Quinn Sullivan nails bicycle kick for his first career goal

    Quinn Sullivan flipping to kick soccer ball into the goal

    17. Jon Rahm's final putt cements him in the US Open history books

    Jon Rahm screams with excitement

    18. Mookie Betts' arm turns a flyout into a double play at the plate

    Mookie Betts catches baseball

    19. Someone please check on CP3's ankles after this sick move by Paul George

    Chris Paul falling after a crossover by Paul George

    What was your favorite play of the month? Comment below!