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    All The New Characters We Met In "The Book Of Boba Fett" So Far

    Just a simple Crime Lord trying to make his way through the universe.

    Wednesdays belong to Fett! Here are all the new characters we have met so far:


    🚨SPOILER WARNING🚨 If you have not watched the latest episode, TURN BACK NOW!

    Madam Garsa Fwip

    Pink Twi'lek woman

    She's the owner of a cantina in Mos Espa called "The Sanctuary." She welcomes Boba Fett's reign with a handsome offering to both him and Fennec Shand when they first meet. Her allegiance is unknown, but it seems like she just wants to protect her business.

    The Mayor's Majordomo

    Red Male Twi'lek bows and smiles

    He's not the mayor, but he does serve as the steward to the mayor. In short, he is basically what Bib Fortuna was to Jabba the Hutt. He boldly brings no offering to Boba Fett, and even informs him that the mayor demands one of his own. This Twi'lek better hope Boba isn't the type that will eventually shoot the messenger.

    Mayor Mok Shaiz

    A long-necked alien with eyes but no mouth sits on a throne

    Mayor to Mos Espa, Mok uses a translating device mounted on speak Basic (a native language in the Star Wars universe). It is unclear what his intentions are, but he sends Boba out to discover the Hutts are back in town.

    The Pyke

    A bluish Pyke alien in royal garb

    The Pyke seem to have a bigger role in this story than expected. Recognizable from the movie Solo, Pyke are the main extractors of spice on Kessel. Why do they want power in Tatooine? Is their spice we don't know about in the Dune Sea?

    The Twins

    Two Hutt Slugs, one with a fan, another with a chin tattoo

    We don't know the names of the twin Hutts...yet. They make it clear to Boba that they still lay claim to the criminal empire left behind by Jabba, and Mos Espa is still their territory. It appears the sister has a lot of say in the final decisions, but the brother does all the public speaking.


    A Wookie with dark fur and gladiator armor

    Not much has been shown about this guy, but we, as an audience, know a Wookie when we see one. If Chewie was capable of great feats of strength, imagine what this villainous-looking furball can do. The same B.K. from the Star Wars comic series Doctor Aphra.

    The Gamorrean Guards

    Two green pig-like aliens

    These two are the definition of ride or die...or live. Even after Bib Fortuna's death, they remained loyal to their previous masters, well, until Boba suggests that they should serve him. The two space pigs submit their loyalty to Fett, but Fennec Shand calls it a "bad idea."

    Rancor Calf

    Rancor with a nose ring

    Offered by the twins, this Rancor calf has revealed the softer side to Boba Fett. It's like the crime lord was just given a new dog or horse for Life Day. It will be interesting to see if Boba can manage riding this beast, that is more known for walking on two legs. Whether it is a mythosaur or a bantha, Boba sure likes to ride wild creatures.

    The Street Gang

    A street gang led by a young adult with a cybernetic eye

    These "insolent youths" upgrade themselves with cybernetic limbs and body parts. (Robert Rodriguez misses Alita: Battle Angel). With no work, Boba Fett offers them jobs by working for him. They quickly show their worth by helping contain Krrsantan and chasing down the Majordomo. As individuals, we may learn more about them in upcoming episodes.

    Rancor Keeper

    Danny Trejo

    Yes, that's Danny Trejo in Star Wars. The twins included the rancor's trainer as a package deal, so now he must take on the challenge of teaching Boba how to ride it.

    The Modifier

    Man with yellowish green hair looks at his mechanical swiss-army knife hand

    In Episode 4, we learn the modifier is the man Boba brought Fennec to and he pieced her back together. He's the one that helps the teenage street gang modify their body parts with tech.

    Tusken Chief

    Tusken Raider chief carries staff

    Little is known about this tribe of Tusken Raiders, but it is clear that this one is the chief. He has allowed Boba Fett to live after helping defeat a weird Clash of the Titans-looking creature. As seen in Episode 2, he welcomes Boba as part of their tribe.

    Tusken Warrior

    A Tusken Raider warrior wearing black garb

    One of the coolest new characters in the show. This Tusken Warrior has helped train Boba Fett in means of fighting with a Gaderffii stick. She is also played by Joanna Bennett, who has done stunt work for both Marvel and DC films.

    Tusken Kid

    Tusken Raider child

    Without Tusken kid, we might not have Boba Fett. After Boba defeats the creature that attacks them, the Tusken kid tells the tale to the whole tribe, only helping the legend of Boba Fett grow.


    Droid with yellow eyes and long ears

    We do not know the name of this "bunny" service droid, but we've seen the likes of him before in the Clone Wars series. He comes with the territory, literally, and now works in Boba's palace.


    White droid with red eyes

    Not a protocol droid, but 8D8 does a fine job managing visitors inside Jabba's...well, I guess Boba's Palace. Voiced by the irresistible Matt Berry of What We Do in the Shadows.

    The Rodian Prisoner

    Red Rodian alien in a black space suit

    We all know some jerk like this guy. We don't know his story, but he ratted out Boba when he tried to escape from the Tusken Raiders. It's to be assumed that this guy was killed by the four-limbed creature's hand(s).

    Who is your favorite new addition? Comment below, and stayed tuned for more new characters from The Book of Boba Fett!