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    35 Hilarious Moments From "Conan" That Are Too Good To Ignore

    From remotes to in-studio sketches, it's all the best of Coco.

    June 24, 2021, marks the final episode of Conan on TBS, which means we have to say goodbye to Conan O'Brien on late-night cable TV.


    Here are some of the funniest bits, segments, and all things from the show Conan to help ease the pain:

    1. Butterscotch the Clown


    "Balloon animals!" The film It really did give murderous clowns a bad rap, but Butterscotch the Clown exists to remind people that he's not going to eat their kids.

    2. Santa's Secrets

    Man dressed as Santa hiding behind a wall

    A great bit to make you just uncomfortable enough for the Christmas season. From the hiding behind the wall to the creepy smile, this wannabe Santa will make you wish you were on the "Get Me Out of Here" list.

    3. Creepy Cameramen

    Smiling actor pretending to be a cameraman

    These men like other men's wives...and it gets weird.

    4. Everything Jordan Schlansky


    A man of various tasks, Jordan Schlansky is Conan's archnemesis at work, and together, they are comedy gold.

    Some moments made this list, but here's a chance to see all of Jordan Schlansky's funniest moments.

    5. Conan, Kevin Hart, and Ice Cube Hop in a Lyft

    Conan, Ice Cube, and Kevin Hart looking at a phone on a street corner

    This isn't carpool karaoke. These three goofs tested out the "new" Lyft, and the results were hilarious. There's a reason this video has 73 million views.

    6. Every "Conan Without Borders"

    Conan at the Mexican border

    Travel the world with Conan. This man could make his new HBO show a Travel Channel–esque show, and I wouldn't even be mad.

    7. Self-Defense Class

    Man points a gun at Conan

    Steven Ho teaches Conan how to disarm an attacker, and let me just say, I hope I'm never being robbed alongside a leggy Conan O'Brien. Scurry away, Conan! Scurry!

    8. Debut of the Suit at Comic Con


    One word: glorious.

    9. Conan's Legendary Ride With Tom Cruise

    Conan driving with Tom Cruise

    Example of a sketch or bit going on for way too long and being hilarious. Watch and enjoy the revolutionary ride-along that changed the game forever. The fact that Tom Cruise is one of the bigger all-time guests Conan has ever had makes the comedy in this a knockout.

    10. Conan and Sona go see Magic Mike XXL

    Conan sitting in a movie theatre full of women

    One of the funnier endings to a Conan remote. Plus, Sona and other staffers always add more fun to a remote.

    11. Staff Performance Reviews

    Conan handing clipboard to employee

    Anything with Conan's staff is a hit. Plus, Conan as a boss must be insufferable.

    12. Escape Room

    Conan handing woman money

    When you have to bribe a worker for a clue on how to get the hell out of somewhere, an escape room might not be for you. Add Jordan Schlansky to the mix and Conan is ready to run through a wall.

    13. The Magic Behind Taco Bell's Taste Testing

    Conan and employee watching woman pour sauce on taco

    14. Conan Meets With the Interns

    Conan and his interns

    This whole remote is a disaster, and every second is brilliant. Hide your pencils.

    15. Conan Auditions to Be in TV Commercials


    "Wow, great burger, Greg." *Forced smile.* Conan's a comedian...not an actor. This is truly one of the best remotes ever on Conan.

    16. Anything Flula Borg

    Conan and Flula Borg staring at each other with pints of beer

    From the interviews to a trip to Germany, Flula and Conan are lightning in a bottle.

    17. Sona's Missing Mug

    Sona laughs nervously

    Maybe the best remote involving the staffers, Conan stops being a talk show host and becomes a detective to find his assistant Sona's Gigolos mug.

    18. Conan Calling a Horse Race in the Most "Conan" Way

    Conan looks through binoculars

    This really happened, by the way; check out the live version.

    19. Conan Looks for His Essential Staffers

    Conan with a clipboard next to staffer Chris Hayes

    Watch as all staffers throw one person under the bus.

    20. Jordan Schlansky's Tardiness

    Jordan Schlansky looks at Conan sitting at his desk

    Conan in the lion's messy den as he waits for the always-late Jordan is a laugh riot.

    21. Conan Fails to See the Enjoyment in Civil War Reenactments

    Conan smoking pipe in Civil War outfit

    Go North! Conan tries to learn the ways of Civil War reenactments but, like always, ruins it for everyone.

    22. Conan Discovers There's a "Foodies List" Among Staff Members

    Conan talking to a staff member that's eating cake

    Does every workplace have a secret "foodies list" where a select, worthy few get dibs on secret noms? I wouldn't know...I am unworthy.

    23. Conan Delivers Chinese Food in New York City

    Conan on the phone in a Chinese restaurant

    Conan's not the best at following instructions, but he makes up for it by being a terrible delivery person. Fingers crossed Conan never gets your order in an Uber Eats sketch, or you can kiss your dinner goodbye.

    24. Conan Learns How to Play Polo

    Conan on a horse next to his polo instructor on a horse

    Conan on a horse. Sold.

    25. Conan Takes on Fury Road


    To comic con on the Fury Road! "La Bamba" on the drums is a nice touch.

    26. Boliviguay

    Man with a jacket full of medals receiving one more

    A totally real place with totally real traditions.

    27. Scraps

    Conan eating food at his desk

    A look at all the shenanigans that happen behind the scenes at Conan.

    28. Kumail Nanjiani's No-Show

    Conan sitting on the lip of the stage

    For the first time in the history of Conan's career, his only guest no-showed. Poor Conan. Smile through the pain.

    29. Gaming With Marshawn Lynch and Rob Gronkowski

    Conan, Marshawn Lynch, and Rob Gronkowski sitting on stools and playing video games

    When Conan played Mortal Kombat X with Marshawn Lynch and Rob Gronkowski, it was the crossover I never knew I needed.

    30. Student Driver

    Ice Cube in a car with Conan, Kevin Hart, and a student driver saying, "Tupac was one of the biggest thugs I know, and he always wore his seatbelt"

    Conan, Ice Cube, and Kevin Hart help out a student driver. If you loved their Lyft segment, this is a great sequel.

    31. Conan Finds His Inner "Wonder Woman"

    Conan, Gal Gadot, and a trainer high kick in a line

    Conan trains with Gal Gadot to find out if he is as worthy as an Amazon. Spoiler, he's no Wonder Woman.

    32. Professor Feathers

    Conan talking Will Ferrell, who has a bird on his shoulder

    Conan goes lower than he ever has before and presses Will Ferrell about Professor Feathers. No need to get personal, Coco.

    33. Conan Takes Jordan Schlansky, Italian Food Connoisseur, to an Olive Garden

    Conan and Jordan Schlansky in an Olive Garden

    Conan packing Olive Garden breadsticks in his luggage is the most relatable content I've ever seen on television.

    34. Conan and Animals

    Conan holding bear cub

    Conan can take a backseat on this one. Show me all the animals, please.

    35. Eric Andre Kills a Crowd Member With His Monologue

    Eric Andre with his

    The most Eric Andre skit not on The Eric Andre Show.

    36. Technical Difficulties

    Conan looking bewildered

    Things really escalate when a techie has a live mic on during the show.

    37. The Waiter That Never Writes Anything Down

    Conan and Andy Richter ordering food on set and a waiter listening

    A classic Conan sketch where he clearly is not impressed by waiters who fail to write down his order. This sketch ends in the most Conan way possible.

    38. The Beautiful Life of Larry

    Conan talking to a crew member

    Conan needing a pencil sharpened turns into one of his best bits.

    What is your favorite Conan moment? Did I miss anything? Let me know in the comments below!

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