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    Here's 37 Wrestlers To Follow For WrestleMania 37

    These are the names to know for an action-packed Mania weekend.

    Not a full-on wrestling fan but considering watching the big event this weekend?

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    No problem. Here are 37 superstars to keep an eye on for WrestleMania 37:

    1. Drew McIntyre

    Drew McIntyre speaking on WWE microphone

    The Scottish Warrior McIntyre has carried the company through the pandemic and continues to carry himself as a top face in the company. He looks to recover his WWE Championship from Bobby Lashley.

    2. Bobby Lashley

    Bobby Lashley with WWE title around his shoulder

    The Almighty Era is here, and honestly, it is unclear if it will continue beyond WrestleMania. MVP created gold with the Hurt Business, and now that it is already falling apart with Cedric Alexander and Shelton Benjamin no longer in the fold, this might be a short-lived title reign.

    3. Sasha Banks

    Sasha Banks raising Smackdown Women's Championship

    She needs a new nickname, because "the Boss" undersells just how good Sasha Banks is in the ring. She has a tough hill to climb in Bianca Belair, but since she could put on a five-star match with her shadow, odds are that this Night One Main Event will be a classic. Honestly, the winner of this match might be the face of the whole women's division.

    4. Bianca Belair

    Bianca Belair smiling

    Maybe the greatest start to any call-up in NXT-to-WWE history, 2021 Women's Royal Rumble winner Bianca Belair is ready for the big show. She really has it all, but winning the rumble is no guarantee at gold. However, she might shine the brightest under the biggest spotlight.

    5. The Miz

    The Miz appearing dumbfounded

    "I love the Miz," said no one ever. The Miz is a grade A heel (bad guy) and has done a great job at Mania in past years. Although his title run was no more than a rental, a feud with Grammy winner Bad Bunny is a great spot for him. Don't ever sell him short — he puts on some great matches, and his tag match this year should be no exception.

    6. Damian Priest

    Damian Priest pretending to shoot a bow and arrow

    The freshest call-up is getting a spot at Mania next to Bad Bunny. Together, they will (most likely) defeat the Miz and John Morrison, but it is important for this man to really show out in his first major match.

    7. John Morrison

    John Morrison smiling

    Hey, hey, ho, ho...Morrison made the show! Very happy both Morrison and Priest were added to this match. Both are very talented, and Morrison should have some great spots with Priest and hopefully can make Bad Bunny look tough as nails.

    8. Seth Rollins

    Seth Rollins smirking in a purple suit

    "Embrace the Drip!" New dad Seth Rollins has become the ultimate troll since returning, and his feud with Cesaro has been solid. Both are showstoppers in the ring, so expect them to give two or three big moments in their match together.

    9. Cesaro

    Cesaro in a suit

    The Swiss King of Swing is bringing the puns and personality to make a fun face (good guy). There is no reason he can't have a "McIntyre"-like run in 2021, but the odds are stacked against him because Rollins just lost his first Mania singles match last year.

    10. Kofi Kingston (the New Day)

    Kofi Kingston looking off-camera

    The New Day is at a crossroads with Big E on his own, and an Xavier Woods singles run seems inevitable...where does that leave Kingston if they lose the Raw Tag titles at Mania? Who knows — which is why wrestling is always so exciting. Kingston will kill it in the Raw Tag Team Championship match, win or lose, and continue to do great things no matter what happens next.

    11. Xavier Woods (the New Day)

    Xavier Woods raising his eyebrow

    A year from now, this man should finally get his own theme music. The UpUpDownDown "Kang" of Gaming YouTube will work with Kingston to keep their 11th tag title reign afloat, but expect the Phenomenal AJ Styles to have something up his sleeve with the giant Omos.

    12. AJ Styles

    AJ Styles raising his arms during a game of charades

    If there was ever a self-aware man in wrestling, it's AJ Styles. We get to double-dip with Woods and Kingston getting to work with the Phenomenal One, and he has a chance to complete the Grand Slam if he wins the Raw Tag titles.

    13. Omos

    Omos looking uninterested

    Whether he is a ninja, a bouncer, or, in this weekend's case, Styles' tag partner, Omos never goes unnoticed. Excited for his debut, and although he might not have the movement like a Braun Strowman, his potential as the next big man is rather...dare I say...large.

    14. Braun Strowman

    Braun Strowman looking angry

    Expect Strowman to win this weekend with brain over Braun. It's predictable but the best way to go with this ridiculous storyline that I dread but also eagerly await every week. Hopefully, he'll get to bounce Shane McMahon repeatedly on every side of the steel cage while his "Strowman Express" whistle blows.

    15. Shane McMahon

    Shane McMahon speaking on WWE microphone

    Oh, Shane-o-Mac. It makes no sense for McMahon to win, but he always delivers with great matches (I've loved his match with Taker, Styles, and the Miz ever since he returned). He's also unafraid to make himself the butt of the joke, which he will need to do for the ultimate "Brain vs. Braun" steel cage match.

    16. Elias

    Elias playing his guitar

    Elias might be there to help McMahon cheat to beat Strowman. If not, the people better be serenaded by a new song; otherwise, fans might change the channel.

    17. Riddle

    Riddle on a scooter with the United States title around his shoulder

    If Riddle can remember all his lines and moves, expect the former UFC fighter to have an absolute brawl with Sheamus. I'm not saying to expect scooter involvement, but I'm just saying...

    18. Sheamus

    Sheamus yelling with his arms wide open

    The Celtic Warrior has been a dark horse for months now. Expect him to impress in his match against Riddle, too. If he fails to capture the title, he should be first in line against the winner of the WWE Championship match between McIntyre and Lashley.

    19. Sami Zayn

    Sami Zayn speaking on WWE microphone in a purple suit

    Conspiracy Zayn has been a blessing, but Kevin Owens needs his best friend back. Hopefully, we see Zayn get reality beaten into him and he joins forces with Owens to go after the tag team belts.

    20. Kevin Owens

    Kevin Owens looking off-camera

    Owens is ready to stun anyone in his path at Mania, and the man seems hell-bent on jumping off a giant pirate ship that will be at Raymond James Stadium. By the way, both Owens and Zayn are mega talents, so do not undersell the potential of this match.

    21. Big E

    Big E looking fed up

    A lot of fans feel unsatisfied with some of the buildup to the Mania feuds, but one that has brought the intensity is Intercontinental Champ Big E in his rivalry with Apollo Crews. I don't know what the heck a "Drum Match" is going to entail, but both men are on fire right now, so I will give them the benefit of the doubt.

    22. Apollo Crews

    Apollo Crews wearing a green and white scarf

    Say what you want about Apollo's new character (and trust me, there is plenty to say), but this is the best Apollo we have seen throughout his whole career. Fans will be pulling for him, but it's honestly not a "must win" because he is another person in play for a title shot if a good guy walks out of Mania with one of the premiere belts.

    23. Randy Orton

    Randy Orton in the ring

    Welp, I think we're about to witness a murder. Poor Randy Orton is caught in the Fiend's sights, and odds are, he will not make it out of Mania unscathed. Orton's promos and matches have been gold over the past year, and it would be a shame to lose him from WWE TV entirely. (But if the man behind the character wants family time, you do you, Randal.)

    24. "The Fiend" Bray Wyatt

    The Fiend's burnt mask

    The Fiend wants revenge because Orton burned him alive. Who is the good guy, again? Anyway, expect the Fiend to have some devious plans up his sleeve, but remember to enjoy one of the best entrances in the game right now.

    25. Alexa Bliss

    Alexa Bliss with white contacts on a swing

    Ever since adorably evil Alexa Bliss aligned herself with the Fiend, to be frank, she almost seems as if she is in control of the monster entirely. Expect to see her play a major role in their match and make an even darker transformation than we have seen before.

    26. Asuka

    Asuka sitting with the Raw Women's championship around her waist

    I would drop a box of 100 kittens to protect Asuka. She's the purest face in the women's division and just a straight-up goofball on the mic. Expect to see a little more fire than usual in her Raw Women's Championship against Rhea Ripley, because although she is fun, she is all business when the bell rings.

    27. Rhea Ripley

    Rhea Ripley posing with arms raised

    A worthy opponent that is ready for Asuka. That is something that Raw has needed for a long time, and Ripley will bring the brutality to Mania. She already put on a grade A match last year against Charlotte Flair, so you can bet she will look sharp against the Empress of Tomorrow.

    28. Roman Reigns

    Roman Reigns looking annoyed

    The Big Dog is gone, acknowledge the Head of the Table. Roman Reign's heel turn has been the biggest upgrade in wrestling, and he must protect his Island and his Universal Title against two all-time greats in Edge and Daniel Bryan.

    29. Edge

    Edge looking furious

    It appears the Rated-R superstar is finally back. Edge has a new...edge to him and has bulked up to the point of being the biggest threat to Roman's reign. He always wrestles as if he has something to prove, and I would not be shocked to see him walk out of Mania as the new universal champion.

    30. Daniel Bryan

    Daniel Bryan pointing his finger while on a WWE microphone

    Well, if it isn't Mr. Triple Threat Daniel Bryan. I wished they had leaned into his win at WrestleMania 30 more, but do not be shocked if Bryan stuns the world once again. He already made Roman tap, so anything is possible for the Miracle King.

    31. Montez Ford (Street Profits)

    Montez Ford looking confused

    Smoke. Want it? So does Montez Ford. The Street Profits are favorites to regain tag team gold, and the limited attendance should have their back. With mic skills like Tez's, he'll have them drinking out of his Solo cup.

    32. Angelo Dawkins (Street Profits)

    Angelo Dawkins shouting

    Big Dawk continues to impress in tag matches and proves there is no weak link for the Street Profits. I'm excited to see what Mania outfits these two go with because it always looks fresh.

    33. Dolph Ziggler (D.D.)

    Dolph Ziggler smiling hard

    "Dirty Dawgs" might be the worst tag name in history, but once you get past it, you are reminded that Dolph Ziggler is a top-tier talent. This belt has little momentum heading into Mania, but that won't stop him from putting on a superb match.

    34. Robert Roode (D.D.)

    Robert Roode holding Smackdown Tag Team Championship

    Robert Roode is a major player in WWE, and again, get past the Dirty Dawgs name and there is a lot to be excited about with these two. Hopefully, if they retain, they flesh them out a little more as a team.

    35. Nia Jax

    Nia Jax holding Women's Tag Title

    Nia Jax has actually been great the past year, and her union with Shayna Baszler has made them the most formidable tag team partners in the business. Why would the reign end? It will be interesting to see what happens at Mania, because if they lose, these two talents could really beef up the women's division with singles runs.

    36. Shayna Baszler

    Shayna Baszler with her hands on her hips

    Shayna has been fun to watch in tag matches and still shows that she has an extremely bright future with the company. Whoever they have to face in the Women's Tag Title match, she will most likely be the workhorse of the match.

    37. Billie Kay

    Billie Kay smiling with her mouth open while holding her job resumé

    Something is brewing with Billie Kay. Assuming she teams up with Carmella, there is a chance they are the one team that can take the belts off of Jax and Baszler. Shenanigans would have to cost them the titles (Reginald and Carmella shenanigans), though, because they have been built up as this unstoppable force. Either way, Kay's comedic presence is always a delight.

    Be sure to click on these superstars' names and give them a follow. Who do you think is going to steal the show? Comment below!

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