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    19 Sports Moments From August That Are Too Ridiculous To Ignore

    "Did he just catch that?!" —Me

    Check out the best plays in sports from the month of August:

    1. Hannah Mitchell's diving save for UCLA women's soccer is all effort.

    Soccer player chases down soccer ball
    Pac-12 Network

    The definition of "hustle" was showcased in this college women's soccer game. Easily one of the best from the month.

    2. Jameis Winston drops a dime that leads to a tremendous touchdown catch by Marquez Callaway.

    Saints player makes diving catch

    This connection is ridiculous. I don't care that it is preseason; this made me gasp when I watched it live.

    3. Marquez Callaway makes this one-handed catch look too easy.

    Saints player makes one-handed catch while being tackled

    Seriously, was this preseason game a tease of the potential stardom of Callaway?

    4. Rhamondre Stevenson runs for a 91-yard game-sealing touchdown.

    Patriots running play
    NFL Network

    Washington Football Team called a timeout and wanted to keep playing, but Rhamondre Stevenson called game. For a bigger guy, he was smoothly outrunning the secondary.

    5. Greg Brown's showoff dunk has no business being this good in the Summer League.

    Greg Brown, midair, puts basketball between his legs
    NBA TV

    It might be the Summer League but Greg Brown still managed to do this in a real game. Not too many between-the-legs dunks I can recall in real-game action.

    6. Trey Lance flicks a ridiculous pass that sails 45 yards in the air for a long touchdown.

    Trey Lance prepares to throw a pass deep
    NFL Network

    San Francisco fans should be excited about the potential arm strength Trey Lance brings to the offense. This looked like a throw made at a college Pro Day but it was done with (some) pressure from the defense.

    7. 15-year-old Olivia Moultrie becomes youngest American women's soccer player to score a goal.

    Olivia Moultrie kicks ball on a free kick

    Bicycle kicks are always impressive and so are game winners, but this milestone had to make the list. NSWL Portland Thorns FC had their 15-year-old player set the record for youngest American woman to score a professional goal. Maybe she's the next big USWNT star?

    8. Miles Robinson nails the header for the Concacaf Gold Cup Final–winning goal.

    Miles Robinson heads soccer ball toward goal

    Nothing better than executing a header in soccer, but a walk-off header is magic. Perfectly timed and a pinpoint free kick led to the US winning the Concacaf Gold Cup.

    9. Purdue's Sarah Griffith doesn't care how many people you put in front of her. She's scoring a goal.

    Sarah Griffith dribbles soccer ball toward goal

    She kept the ball at her feet and went on a little trip around the defense. I counted four players in her area and none of it mattered. She nailed the strike.

    10. Rangers' Adolis García makes the potential "Catch of the Year" in baseball.

    Baseball player leaps over wall to catch ball
    MLB Network

    A lot of home run robberies this month, but this one might have been the most difficult. A truly athletic play, but the patience and tracking are what make it one of the best this season.

    11. Miggy's 500th career home run isn't something that happens every day in baseball.

    Baseball Jumbotron with "500th Career Home Run" graphic with Miguel Cabrera
    MLB Network

    It was too hard not to include this historic moment. Only 28 players in MLB history have hit 500 or more home runs and Miguel Cabrera did just that with this dinger.

    12. Jose Iglesias makes a quick decision with a no-look flip.

    Jose Iglesias makes a no-look baseball pass

    Iglesias gets creative and makes a great play out at second base. I didn't know arms could throw a ball that way.

    13. Walter Tavares shatters the backboard after dunk.

    Shattered backboard
    NBA TV

    During a FIBA AfroBasket game, Tavares made a clutch rebound and dunk, but held onto the basket for a little too long. Luckily for the players, the glass didn't shatter completely during the play.

    14. AJ Pollock avoids the fans and robs a home run.

    Baseball player reaches into crowd to steal the ball
    MLB Network

    Fans are just so happy for a shot at a home run ball. AJ Pollack said: "Nope." Great extension and vision to follow the ball and rob the home run.

    15. This sandy bicycle kick during the Beach Soccer World Cup is a work of art.

    Beach soccer player executes bicycle kick

    Soccer in the sand? Sure. Executing a bicycle kick during the World Cup? Tremendous. Spain's Eduard Suárez Molina had it all on this bicycle kick.

    16. Jonathan Kuminga's crossover and dunk was one of the best plays of the NBA Summer League.

    Jonathan Kuminga dunks basketball
    NBA TV

    The Golden State Warriors have a high ceiling with some of their young guys and Kuminga is no exception. Great weaving through traffic and throwing it down with authority.

    17. Gaël Monfils gives a pump fake before hitting the tennis ball between the legs.

    Gaël Monfils hits tennis ball between his legs
    ATP Tennis TV

    I seriously have never seen a play like this. Truly creative by Monfils, but he is known for this kind of trickery and style.

    18. Tim Anderson turns the Field of Dreams into his moment.

    Teammates wait for Tim Anderson at home plate while fireworks explode

    How about a walk-off while playing in the Field of Dreams? Anderson went the distance, for sure, and cemented that he is one of the many young talents in the MLB who is destined for a great career.

    19. Tyler Vaughns makes a one-handed catch look effortless.

    Tyler Vaughns catches football with one hand
    NFL Network

    Indianapolis Colts receiver Vaughns made a ridiculous one-handed catch with a cornerback all over him. This was a heck of a one-hander, especially because of the ball speed.

    What was your favorite play of the month? Don't see your favorite? Comment yours below!