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    People On Twitter Defended "Master And Commander," With Russell Crowe Leading The Charge

    Don't mess with this Captain Jack.

    This weekend, actor Russell Crowe had a very interesting response to a user who tweeted negativity about his 2003 film Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World.

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    Twitter user @empiresend shared his thoughts about the film on the platform, saying that they had "never made it past the ten minute mark."

    Lots of folk complaining about lack of sleep during the Pandemic. May I recommend Master And Commander starring the usually captivating, attention-grabbing Russell Crowe. I've never made it past the ten minute mark. You're welcome. And thanks Russell. @russellcrowe

    Twitter: @empiresend

    To which Crowe replied:

    That’s the problem with kids these days. No focus. Peter Weirs film is brilliant. An exacting, detail oriented, epic tale of fidelity to Empire & service, regardless of the cost. Incredible cinematography by Russell Boyd & a majestic soundtrack. Definitely an adults movie.

    Twitter: @russellcrowe

    Guess what? He's right (at least...he's right because I'm one of those adults).

    Russell Crowe wearing a captain's hat on a ship.
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    I was 10 years old when I saw Master and Commander in theaters, and I didn't like it that much. Now I think it is in my top 20 favorite films, and I always watch it when it's on TV.

    From the performances to the realness of it all, this movie is a timeless classic.

    Plenty of people on Twitter agreed with Crowe and tweeted their support for him and the film:

    Did ... someone say Master and Commander? Wait! I LOVE THAT FILM!!!!

    Twitter: @donttrythis

    MASTER AND COMMANDER: FAR SIDE OF THE WORLD is a criminally under-seen masterpiece.

    Twitter: @Lulamaybelle

    Off the back of that Russell Crowe tweet the other day, I've just watched Master and Commander again. Magnificent film. I know why it didn't happen, but it's such a shame they didn't make more.

    Twitter: @michaelglasper

    Master and Commander, one of the greatest movies of all times, was trending and I was about ready to go to war if I saw smack talk.

    Twitter: @NatPresPart

    when someone's talking shit about Master and Commander

    Twitter: @eeberquist

    Damnit. Now I’m up watching Master and Commander...

    Twitter: @wesball

    Can't believe people are shit talking Master and Commander when we're in the middle of a sea shanty revival. Also, Master and Commander is a perfect movie

    Twitter: @3vanSutton

    #FilmTwitter I don't know if you need this push but MASTER AND COMMANDER has the witty, detailed attention of old nautical fiction, which includes STAR TREK (they share an origin in CS Forester). It's a high watermark for mature, emotional storytelling in blockbusters. Must-see!

    Twitter: @filmobjective

    In this house we watch Master and Commander

    Twitter: @jeffparker

    I will not stand for Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World slander. It is a unique and well-paced epic in a genre with too few modern entrants!

    Twitter: @erikhinton

    Master and Commander is one of my favorite movies! Paul Bettany who plays Dr. Stephen Maturin (and is probably better known as J.A.R.V.I.S. / Vision in the @Marvel franchises) is brilliant in this one as well!

    Twitter: @ksugrad9899

    Really here for the outpouring of love this has provoked on Twitter for one of my absolute favourite movies.

    Twitter: @cakeylaura

    Not to mention, Master and Commander is a great story and was actually a popular book series following characters Jack Aubrey and Stephen Maturin.

    Since the film Master and Commander is trending, allow me to say again that the series of books its based on, by Patrick O'Brian, provided me with one of the greatest sustained experiences of my reading life. These books are an unmitigated joy.

    Twitter: @NBallingrud

    Did you like Master and Commander? Have you tried watching it again as an adult? Let us know in the comments!