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    I Ranked The 21 Suggested Team Names For The Washington Football Team

    What name will Washington fans be chanting this fall?

    21. Washington Founders

    Mirage Productions

    Yikes. I think this might be the worst one.

    20. Washington Snyders


    This would be a typical troll job by owner Dan Snyder, the same man who said he'd never change the name, but when the franchise did, he was nowhere to be found.

    Like the Cleveland Browns, they could be the second team with their owner's name as the team name.

    19. Washington Americans


    Oh, the cringe.

    I could see Snyder doing this, but yikes, it would be a bad call.

    18. Washington Feds


    Feds — you know, like...FedEx Field? The stadium they play football in? No? Okay.

    17. Washington Warriors

    @RapSheet Washington Warriors and use one of their arrow logos...done and done! You’re welcome NFL

    @SHOWTIME16 / Via Twitter: @RapSheet

    I loved the nickname and even the OG arrow logo growing up, but it is the wrong move, and I hope the organization steers away from that now.

    16. Washington DC Seals

    Alex Smith throwing football
    G Fiume / Getty Images

    A little too silly for my tastes, although I like the idea of incorporating DC, since we have a state called Washington.

    15. Washington Governors

    Morgan Moses cheering after the game
    Mitchell Leff / Getty Images

    For some reason, I hate the idea of using political positions as a team name. That goes for "Presidents," "Senators," etc.

    14. Washington Generals

    Washington Generals basketball logo
    Fair use / Via

    Rename the team after the squad that has been waxed by the Harlem Globetrotters for the past couple of decades?

    Yeah, no thanks.

    13. Washington Defense Corps

    G Fiume / Getty Images


    Emphasizes defense in football and also uses the initials "DC." It is just mediocre, even compared with the current team.

    12. Washington Renegades

    Which name do you think the Washington NFL team should be called?


    One word: meh.

    When original name changes were pitched, this one was very popular. There was a weird thing where fans wanted to keep a team name with an r-word.

    11. Washington Capitals


    Looks like the NHL team has you beat, unless you want to have a hockey stick fight to claim the name?

    10. Washington United


    Hate to say, I kind of like this one.

    It also makes me laugh knowing that it would make soccer fans mad and head to every comment section saying, *smacks lips* "You mean American football?"

    9. Washington Footballers

    Chase Young talking to Tom Brady.
    Patrick Smith / Getty Images

    A little goofy, but I like the potential of hype videos introducing the 'Ballers of Washington.

    8. Washington Redwolves


    Fans LOVE this one, for some reason. Again, the weird obsession with keeping the word "red" has been one of the strangest recurring things in this process.

    Mr. Humble Brag here...I saw a red wolf once, and it made me so happy.

    7. Washington War Hogs

    Terry McLaurin and Fabien Moreau embracing
    Patrick Smith / Getty Images

    Silly, but as some have said, if they get the rights to play the song "War Pigs" by Black Sabbath, it may be a cool team name that fans would get behind.

    6. Washington Commanders


    I actually kind of like this one but would hope that the team would keep a similar "traditional" logo like the current WFT.

    No goofy, animated soldiers, please.

    5. Washington DC "the District"


    I like the idea of the team calling itself "the District."

    Brings back high school memories of football district championships, so I think young players would take pride in being the District of pro football.

    4. Washington Hogs


    Maybe the easiest one I could see happen.

    That is already their secondary nickname, and they could have a cool potential logo similar to the Arkansas Razorbacks'.

    3. Washington Red Tails

    Washington Redtails anyone? #GetUpDC


    Maybe the most popular choice.

    A cool way to rep the Tuskegee Airmen, but I think with the Jets in New York, another flight team might not happen.

    2. Washington Redhawks


    Native American activists actually pitched this name change.

    I would hate to add another bird into the NFL mix, but I feel like "Redhawks vs. Eagles" would have a nice ring to it.

    1. Washington Football Team

    Washington Football Team logo.
    Washington Football Team

    *Tears off plain shirt to reveal WFT-logo shirt*

    That's right, I fell in love with the WFT name. I like the logo, the uniforms, and how much this team now stands out in comparison with their rivals in the NFC East.

    They can also incorporate nicknames, like calling the fanbase things like "the District" and "Hogs."

    My only suggestion is to add the logo to one side of the helmet and keep the numbers on the other side.

    What do you think? What name would you come up with if you owned the team?