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    Ranking All 55 Teams That Lost In The Super Bowl

    You won't believe how good some of these teams were.

    The agony of defeat. It's what helps people grow. However, these NFL teams should not be tossed aside because they lost the Super Bowl. They are part of the legacy of the biggest game in sports, and they had fought hard an entire winning season. Here they are ranked:

    IMPORTANT NOTE: I used my own mathematical point system involving team records, offensive production, and defensive production to determine the order.

    55. 2008 Arizona Cardinals

    Larry Fitzgerald running with football.

    54. 1979 Los Angeles Rams

    Jack Youngblood on the sidelines.

    53. 1982 Miami Dolphins

    David Woodley's back turned in Dolphins uniform.

    52. 2016 Atlanta Falcons

    Grady Jarrett celebrating sack.

    51. 2003 Carolina Panthers

    Jake Delhomme covering mouth.

    50. 1975 Dallas Cowboys

    Roger Staubach playing quarterback.

    49. 1967 Kansas City Chiefs

    Mike Garrett running with the football.

    48. 1986 Denver Broncos

    John Elway in Broncos uniform.

    47. 1967 Oakland Raiders

    Ben Davidson in Raiders uniform.

    46. 1971 Dallas Cowboys

    Craig Morton walking off the field.

    45. 1992 Buffalo Bills

    Jim Kelly walking off the field.

    44. 1996 New England Patriots

    Drew Bledsoe on the phone on the sideline.

    43. 1987 Denver Broncos

    John Elway celebrating.

    42. 1985 New England Patriots

    Andre Tippett celebrating.

    41. 1994 San Diego Chargers

    Chargers coach Bobby Ross watching game.

    40. 1995 Pittsburgh Steelers

    Neil O'Donnell dropping back in pocket.

    39. 1974 Minnesota Vikings

    Oscar Reed hurdling opponent.

    38. 1971 Miami Dolphins

    Dolphins huddle.

    37. 2013 Denver Broncos

    36. 2012 San Francisco 49ers

    Colin Kaepernick entering huddle.

    35. 1988 Cincinnati Bengals

    Boomer Esiason in Bengals uniform.

    34. 1999 Tennessee Titans

    33. 2018 Los Angeles Rams

    32. 1976 Minnesota Vikings

    Fran Tarkenton in Vikings uniform.

    31. 1981 Cincinnati Bengals

    Ken Anderson looking at sideline.

    30. 1972 Washington Football Team

    Washington defense stepping on the field.

    29. 2000 New York Giants

    Kerry Collins after interception.

    28. 2002 Oakland Raiders

    Charles Woodson smiling after interception.

    27. 2011 New England Patriots

    26. 1977 Denver Broncos

    Craig Morton after interception.

    25. 1989 Denver Broncos

    John Elway calling the play.

    24. 2010 Pittsburgh Steelers

    Ben Roethlisberger approaching offensive line.

    23. 1993 Buffalo Bills

    Don Beebe with his mouth open.

    22. 1973 Minnesota Vikings

    Fran Tarkenton under center.

    21. 2014 Seattle Seahawks

    20. 1980 Philadelphia Eagles

    Dick Vermeil close up.

    19. 2009 Indianapolis Colts

    Peyton Manning reading the defense.

    18. 2004 Philadelphia Eagles

    Derrick Burgess celebrating sack.

    17. 2019 San Francisco 49ers

    49ers defense celebrating.

    16. 1978 Dallas Cowboys

    Roger Staubach leaving the field.

    15. 2005 Seattle Seahawks

    Seahawks offensive huddle.

    14. 1997 Green Bay Packers

    Brett Favre annoyed on sideline.

    13. 1991 Buffalo Bills

    Jim Kelly holding injured wrist.

    12. 2020 Kansas City Chiefs

    Patrick Mahomes running from a sack.

    11. 1983 Washington Football Team

    Joe Theismann walking off the field.

    10. 1990 Buffalo Bills

    9. 2006 Chicago Bears

    8. 1969 Minnesota Vikings

    Vikings quarterback avoiding sack.

    7. 1998 Atlanta Falcons

    Dan Reeves looking at the field.

    6. 2017 New England Patriots

    5. 1984 Miami Dolphins

    Dan Marino walking away.

    4. 1968 Baltimore Colts

    Earl Morrall in the huddle.

    3. 2001 St. Louis Rams

    Kurt Warner looking unhappy.

    2. 2015 Carolina Panthers

    1. 2007 New England Patriots

    Randy Moss licking lips

    It was a lot of fun to research these teams to remember just how good they were their respective seasons. Who do you think was the best team to not win a Super Bowl?