8 Movie Moments That Were "Questionable" At The Time But I Think Aged Like Fine Wine

    Fans had an overreaction? No way! -sarcasm-

    Some movie moments make or break the entire film, but we can all agree, the internet tends to nitpick a single moment and beat it to death with criticism, right? We can step back and say that we were a little harsh, yeah? Or, have movie opinions dissolved into watching an hour-long YouTube essay rant, agreeing with it, and claiming that as the final word?

    Here are eight movie moments that audiences thought were "questionable," but I say have aged well:

    1. The Man of Steel kills that add a new element to an overdone character.

    Superman screaming and emotional

    I think audiences have attachments to "strong" characters, so when a new vision offers a more vulnerable version of that character, fans reject it instantly...which reminds me...

    Lois Lane hugs an upset Superman in the rubble of a building

    2. Luke Skywalker regresses as a character in Star Wars: The Last Jedi to show there is no perfect character...no matter how much you love them.

    Luke Skywalker looks off screen

    I also feel like people forget the ending of the movie because they hated the direction of this beloved character, but people think the following movie "retcons" him. It doesn't. In Rise of Skywalker, he tells Rey what we already knew from the finale in Episode VIII...because he literally confesses his mistakes to the camera.

    Luke Skywalker with watery eyes

    3. The "cringe" of Halloween Kills reflects us...a "cringe" society.

    A townsman looks angry in Haddonfield Hospital

    I mean, seriously, every viewer thinks they can take on Michael Myers, but you can't kill the boogeyman, and I think Halloween Kills showcased what happens when an average joe thinks they can play the hero.

    Michael Myers looks around in a burned mask

    4. The Thing ends flawlessly despite initial criticism.

    MacReady sits in the cold while a fire burns behind him

    That gorgeous final shot of everything burning in the middle of nowhere is my brand of isolation horror.

    A fire burns in the pitch black night

    5. The twist in The Village isn't a "gotcha" moment, but a perfect representation of society's insecurities about safety within their own communities.

    A woman speaks to a village inside the town hall

    The most disturbing part of the movie has nothing to do with monsters but with the elders willing to live with the lie despite everything that happened over the span of the film. Their little fake paradise won't stop crime, but they still think they can play God.

    A man on the side of the road looks on in concern

    6. Spider-Man 3 gifts us with dancing "Bully Maguire," and it is a reminder to have a little fun with campy movies.

    Peter Parker slides to impress two women

    I couldn't imagine watching the three Maguire-led films, where he wrestles the Macho Man and pratfalls off of buildings, and this moment is the point I'd say, "I don't think this film is taking itself seriously":

    7. A Spinosaurus kills a T-Rex to show fans there is a new "big bad" in Jurassic Park III.

    Spinosaurus stands over a T-Rex body

    The third Jurassic installment has plenty of problems as a movie, but complaints turned into a weird "my-dino-dad-can-beat-your-dino-dad" love affair with the T-Rex. I mean, the movie literally has a talking raptor dream sequence in it, and hardcore fans were mad their favorite dino died!

    Spinosaurus looks at two people in the wild

    8. The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King closes out the epic adventure with final chapters...several final chapters. (But it's needed.)

    I saw this when I was a kid, so I get sitting in a theater for three hours and having this feeling once the credits rolled:

    BONUS:10 Cloverfield Lane had no "right" ending, and the structure itself paints the film into a corner.

    A woman covers her mouth

    What are movie moments that seemed questionable when you first saw it but you think have aged well? Comment below! (Also, feel free to disagree with the moments I picked, just share your opinion why.)