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    19 Photos Of Athletes That Are The Ultimate "Then Vs. Now"

    Still not as embarrassing as yearbook photos.

    1. Here's a look at quarterback Russell Wilson at the 2012 NFL Combine.

    Young Russell Wilson at NFL Combine

    Fast-forward to now, Super Bowl Champion Wilson is QB1 for the Seattle Seahawks.

    Present day Russell Wilson in Seahawks uniform.

    2. Baseball player Mike Trout drafted 25th overall in the 2009 MLB Draft.

    Young Mike Trout interviewed at MLB draft.

    And here's a photo of 3-time MVP Mike Trout now.

    Present day Mike Trout in Angels uniform.

    3. Two-time Women's College Basketball National Champion Sue Bird in 2002.

    Now, she's a 4-time WNBA champion for the Seattle Storm.

    Present day Sue Bird playing basketball in Seattle Storm uniform.

    4. A debuting Megan Rapinoe for the USWST in 2006.

    Young Megan Rapinoe on soccer pitch.

    And here is two-time Women's World Cup champ Megan Rapinoe in 2021.

    Present day Megan Rapinoe in U.S.W.S.T. uniform.

    5. At the 2014 NFL combine, wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr. turned a lot of heads.

    Young Odell Beckham Jr. at the NFL Combine.

    Odell Beckham Jr. is now with the Cleveland Browns and has 6,830 yards in just seven seasons (two of which he was injured)

    Present day Odell Beckham Jr. in Browns warm-ups.

    6. Here's a quarterback named Tom Brady at the 2000 NFL combine.

    Young Tom Brady at NFL Combine.

    Here is a seven-time Super Bowl Champion and starter of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

    Present day Tom Brady in Buccaneers shirt.

    7. Young Washington Capitals player Alex Ovechkin in 2005.

    Stanley Cup champ and three-time NHL MVP Alex Ovechkin now.

    Present day Alex Ovechkin in Capitals uniform.

    8. University of Texas basketball forward Kevin Durant on Draft Day in 2007.

    Young Kevin Durant in suit.

    Two-time NBA champion Kevin Durant with the Brooklyn Nets.

    Present day Kevin Durant playing basketball in Nets uniform.

    9. A short-bearded James Harden at Arizona State in 2009.

    Young James Harden in Arizona State uniform.

    Wild-bearded James Harden with the Brooklyn Nets now.

    Present day James Harden flexing in a Nets jersey.

    10. Young Cristiano Ronaldo in the beginning of his career.

    Young Cristiano Ronaldo in a black uniform.

    Three-time Ballon d'Or winner Cristiano Ronaldo with Juventus in 2021.

    Present day Cristiano Ronaldo in a Juventus uniform.

    11. One of the highest-rated draft prospects in history LeBron James in 2003.

    Young Lebron James in dress clothes.

    Defending champion LeBron James with the Los Angeles Lakers in 2021.

    Present day Lebron James in Lakers uniform.

    12. Hyped prospect Bryce Harper's 2012 rookie photo in his Washington Nationals uniform.

    Young Bryce Harper in Nationals uniform holding a bat.

    Right-fielding NL MVP Bryce Harper Now.

    Bryce Harper in the Phillies' dugout.

    13. Mookie Betts' 2011 rookie photo with the Boston Red Sox.

    Young Mookie Betts holding a bat in a Red Sox uniform.

    Two-time World Series champ Mookie Betts with the L.A. Dodgers in 2021.

    Present day Mookie Betts wearing shades and a Dodgers hat.

    14. NBA draft prospect Blake Griffin in 2009.

    Young Blake Griffin in a suit.

    Six-time All-Star Blake Griffin with the Brooklyn Nets this year.

    Blake Griffin in a Nets uniform.

    15. Potential tennis star Venus Williams at 14-years-old.

    Young Venus Williams smiling.

    Tennis star Venus Williams now, but with seven majors under her belt.

    Present day Venus Williams on tennis court.

    16. Rookie running back Frank Gore with the San Francisco 49ers in 2005.

    Running back Frank Gore #21 of the San Francisco 49ers looks on during the NFL game against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers at Monster Park on October 30, 2005 in San Francisco, California.

    Ageless Frank Gore still running hard during the 2020 season.

    Present day Frank Gore in Jets uniform.

    17. Young tennis player Novak Djokovic in 2005.

    Young Novak hitting tennis ball.

    18-time major champion Novak Djokovic now.

    Novak Djokovic fist pumping on tennis court.

    18. Projected first-overall pick, quarterback Matthew Stafford at 2009 NFL Combine.

    Young Matt Stafford at NFL Combine.

    Matthew Stafford in his final season with the Detroit Lions in 2020.

    Present day Matt Stafford in Lions gear.

    19. Butler basketball star Gordon Hayward in 2010.

    Young Gordon Hayward biting his lip.

    Charlotte Hornets Gordon Hayward Now.

    Gordon Hayward in Hornets shirt.