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    17 Things I Noticed In The May The Fourth "Obi-Wan Kenobi" Trailer

    Obi on the run!

    Check out the new "Obi-Wan Kenobi" trailer to bring some positive energy to your May the Fourth:

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    Here's a few things I noticed while watching the trailer:

    1. At "Castle Inquisitor," you can see three pods launching into space. These are the same ones we see in Empire Strikes Back that carry the probe droids. You can even hear them in the trailer.

    2. In a later shot, you can see a probe droid shot down while Obi-Wan is having a shootout with some stormtroopers on what I can only assume is Tatooine.

    A downed probe droid behind Obi-Wan

    3. If you blinked, you might have missed a new stormtrooper design. Flanking the Inquisitor, two black and red troopers walking like they are on a mission to miss at a slightly less terrible rate than standard stormtroopers.

    4. At a different angle, you can get a slightly better look at them:

    A black and red stormtrooper takes aim

    5. And just when you thought you had all the Star Wars cuteness you could handle...BAM, pocket droid!

    6. Quick, to the Inquis-a-mobile! Check out the new ride of the Grand Inquisitor and company:

    7. I'd like to make a note that they are not carrying lightsabers at their hip. Inquisitors carry them on their backs, and I'm glad to see that they are positioned high on their backs so actors can reach them naturally.

    Lightsaber on a Inquisitors back

    8. Also, be careful, Uncle Owen! This scene might be the inciting incident in the first episode that sends Obi-Wan on the run.

    Uncle Owen watches an Inquisitor

    9. By the way, to me, those look like lightsabers and perhaps a training ball. Practice weapons for the Inquisitors...or perhaps trophies from the Jedi they have killed?

    Devices sitting on red tables

    10. Side note: I like the idea of Inquisitors only using one of their two blades. The spinning duel blades might be a little campy if they do it too much in live-action.

    11. It looks like Kenobi, aka Jedi John Wick, will have to become a master of disguise to outrun Jedi hunters. It'd be cool to see Obi-Wan end this show with a similar hairstyle and beard to the one he has in A New Hope.

    12. Unrelated, this has to be the tackiest shirt in the whole galaxy. Hey, buddy, Coruscant's Outlander Club called, they want their shirt back! I bet if you buy a shirt like that, you get a free cup of blue milk. Am I right?

    An humanoid alien wears a long-sleeved blue and black shirt

    13. You might recognize this Imperial shuttle class, one that was very prominent in Return of the Jedi:

    Imperial shuttle docked

    14. I believe this is that one actor that no-showed Conan O'Brien that one time. In all seriousness, Kumail Nanjiani is a pretty big actor now, and based on his attire, maybe he is a Jedi in hiding or will somehow fit into the plot in a major way.

    15. I can only assume this is the bounty on Obi-Wan uploading into some system. I'd like to think that image of Kenobi was captured on the annual Jedi Council picture day. Anakin probably got one that had Mace Windu's hand-written "but not a master" underneath it.

    16. Vader's body pad is looking fresh, which only reiterates we might be seeing this "machine more than man" Darth Vader out in the wild for the first time ever. Think about it: "he's more machine than man now, twisted and evil." Obi-Wan might not even recognize him at first, but he will. O_O

    17. I know that "reaching out" face. Perhaps Obi-Wan senses Vader? Maybe Yoda? Luke? Who knows?! (Although, the trailer editing heavily implies Vader, when has a trailer ever misled fans lol)

    How hyped are you to say "hello there" again to Ewan McGregor? Anything catch your eye in the trailer? Comment below!