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    Two Players To Know From Every Team In The 2022 NFL Playoffs

    No QB's Allowed!

    The NFL playoffs are here! That means it is time for you to brush up on the superstars who will make it one of the most competitive roads to the Super Bowl in recent memory!

    Here are the two best NON-QUARTERBACK players from every team to watch in the 2022 NFL playoffs:

    1. Derrick Henry, running back, Tennessee Titans

    Helmetless Derrick Henry in white Titans jersey

    2. Kevin Byard, safety, Tennessee Titans

    Helmetless Kevin Byard in a blue Titans jersey

    3. Davante Adams, wide receiver, Green Bay Packers

    Helmetless Davante Adams in a white Packers uniform

    4. A.J. Dillon, running back, Green Bay Packers

    AJ Dillon in a green and yellow Packers uniform

    5. Creed Humphrey, center, Kansas City Chiefs

    Helmetless Creed Humphrey in a red Chiefs uniform

    6. Chris Jones, defensive tackle, Kansas City Chiefs

    Helmetless Chris Jones in a red Chiefs

    7. Cooper Kupp, wide receiver, Los Angeles Rams

    Cooper Kupp in a Rams uniform

    8. Aaron Donald, defensive tackle, Los Angeles Rams

    Helmetless Aaron Donald in a white Rams jersey

    9. Ja'Marr Chase, wide receiver, Cincinnati Bengals

    Helmetless Ja'Marr Chase in an orange Bengals uniform

    10. Trey Hendrickson, defensive end, Cincinnati Bengals

    Helmetless Trey Hendrickson in a white Bengals jersey

    11. Tristan Wirfs, offensive tackle, Tampa Bay Buccaneers

    Helmetless Tristan Wirfs in a white Buccaneers uniform

    12. Mike Evans, wide receiver, Tampa Bay Buccaneers

    Helmetless Mike Evans in a white Buccaneers jersey

    13. Stefon Diggs, wide receiver, Buffalo Bills

    Stefon Diggs in a blue Bills jersey

    14. Ed Oliver, defensive tackle, Buffalo Bills

    Ed Oliver in a blue Bills jersey

    15. DeMarcus Lawrence, defensive end, Dallas Cowboys

    DeMarcus Lawrence in a white Cowboys jersey

    16. Micah Parsons, linebacker, Dallas Cowboys

    Helmetless Micah Parsons in a white Cowboys jersey

    17. J.C. Jackson, cornerback, New England Patriots

    J.C. Jackson catching a football

    18. Trent Brown, offensive tackle, New England Patriots

    Trent Brown poses for the camera in a Patriots jersey

    19. Isaiah Simmons, linebacker, Arizona Cardinals

    Helmetless Isaiah Simmons in a red Cardinals jersey

    20. A.J. Green, wide receiver, Arizona Cardinals

    Helmetless A.J. Green in a white Cardinals uniform

    21. George Kittle, tight end, San Francisco 49ers

    Helmetless George Kittle in a white 49ers uniform

    22. Fred Warner, linebacker, San Francisco 49ers

    Fred Warner

    23. Darren Waller, tight end, Las Vegas Raiders

    Darren Waller smiles in a black Raiders uniform

    24. "Mad" Maxx Crosby, defensive end, Las Vegas Raiders

    Helmetless Maxx Crosby in a white Raiders jersey

    25. DeVonta Smith, wide receiver, Philadelphia Eagles

    DeVonta Smith in an Eagles uniform catching football

    26. Dallas Goedert, tight end, Philadelphia Eagles

    Helmetless Dallas Goedert yelling

    27. T.J. Watt, linebacker, Pittsburgh Steelers

    T.J. Watt in a black Steelers jersey

    28. Najee Harris, running back, Pittsburgh Steelers

    Najee Harris smiles in Steelers uniform

    Who do you think will be a breakout player in the playoffs? Who is winning the whole thing?! Comment below!