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    17 "The Ripper" Moments That Will Give You Chills

    Women sought to reclaim the night from a serial killer.

    Netflix has produced plenty of great original documentaries over the years, but younger generations from the States might be completely unaware of the events that are chronicled in The Ripper.

    If you haven't watched for yourself yet, I suggest you do. But either way, we're going to highlight 17 of the most chilling moments from the show below.


    1. The eerie opening title credits set the ominous tone for this series, and one shot of a sign is bone-chilling:

    A sign that says "It could be the man next door"

    2. The resemblance between Wilma McCann and her son, Richard McCann, during his interview segments.

    Black and white photo of Wilma McCann.

    3. The media's words and overall disregard for the lives of sex workers.

    Newspaper citing attacks of prostitutes.

    4. A series of shots on the barren streets of Yorkshire makes it look like a ghost town.


    5. A son must identify his own mother's body.

    Neil Jackson speaking.

    6. The letter to the Ripper.

    A letter from the police to the Ripper.

    7. A man rolls his wheelbarrow over a victim's body.

    Wheel of a wheelbarrow.

    8. The police reveal the first sketch of The Ripper.

    The sketch of the Ripper's face.

    9. A 19-year-old speaks bluntly and with honesty.

    A map of the victims.

    10. After eight deaths, there is a desperate plea made to the Ripper that he turn himself over to the police.

    An image of the police speaking to camera.

    11. The Ripper's very public murder scene.

    A high heel at a crime scene.

    12. The Ripper allegedly sends in a tape to the investigators and reveals his voice for the first time.

    Three men listening to a tape.

    13. A detective discovers that the tape might be a hoax, and leaves the police cold in their tracks.

    Close up of a tape playing machine.

    14. A survivor gives her first-hand account.

    Mo Lea speaking.

    15. Women across Britain demand they "Reclaim the Night" with marches.

    Women's march.

    16. A look at the weapons the Ripper used to murder women over the course of five years.

    Murder weapons used by the Ripper.

    17. Peter William Sutcliffe revealed as Yorkshire Ripper.

    Peter Sutcliffe, serial killer, in a bow tie.

    The Ripper was an extraordinary documentary that captured the unrest in Yorkshire and Britain.

    From the failures in the police investigation to the lack of empathy for sex workers, director Jesse Vile did a tremendous job shedding light on the case and gave a voice to survivors and those affected by Sutcliffe.

    What part stood out most to you in the four-part documentary?