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    16 Jaw-Dropping Achievements By 23-Year-Old Tennis Star Naomi Osaka

    She has that "Kobe mentality" in big moments.

    One of the best athletes on the planet right now is on fire on the big stage, and her name is Naomi Osaka.

    Naomi Osaka smiling
    Australian Open TV

    1. She recently scored a second Australian Open trophy, making her a four-time Grand Slam champ at the age of 23.

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    Australian Open TV

    2. At the age of 16, Naomi made her WTA debut, which is always such an underrated accomplishment at that age, so winning or losing does not matter...oh, by the way, she won in her WTA debut.

    Naomi Osaka posing for photos with her tennis racket

    She also made it to the round of 32 in her first slam.

    3. However, she really hit the national stage when she won her first slam at the 2018 US Open.

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    US Open Tennis Championships

    This also made her the first Japanese winner of a Grand Slam.

    4. Since 2018, Naomi has won a major every year. At this rate, she could have at least 11 majors by the time she turns 30.

    Naomi Osaka holding AO trophy
    Australian Open TV

    5. After her first major win, when she has had to play in a third set, she is 37–6.


    The big moment must feel inferior when Naomi steps to the service line.

    6. She is 2–0 in majors against the greatest women's tennis player of all time, Serena Williams.


    7. In 2019, arguably her best year, she had a match record of 38–12. That's a 76% win percentage.


    She also had a sets record of 78–35.

    8. With her four majors, she has a total of seven singles titles.


    That's a lot of hardware already to polish β€” hopefully she has a big-enough trophy case.

    9. All that being said, she has yet to win a major on clay or grass...


    ...but with a competitor like Naomi, you can bet she will crack a quarterfinal in either Wimbledon or the French Open very soon.


    10. It takes work, but since 2018, she has only gotten better. From her improvement on the run to her ball placement, she is beyond fun to watch.

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    11. She is undefeated in major quarterfinals, semifinals, and finals matches. I repeat: UNDEFEATED in 12 matches with everything on the line.

    New Line Cinema

    She doesn't lose when she reaches the quarterfinals.

    12. Since her rise in 2018, her first-serve win percentage has not dipped below 70%.


    For those who aren't familiar, first serve won is where the player successfully makes the first serve and wins the point. So when she gets that first serve in, she's tough to stop.

    13. Only three players are 4–0 in their first four slam finals appearances: Monica Seles, Roger Federer, and Naomi Osaka.

    Tennis Channel

    14. Her current season is going well so far...if having a 20–2 match record to start the year can be described only as simply "good."

    Australian Open

    15. Currently ranked No. 2 in the world, she has not fallen out of the WTA Top 5 to finish the season since 2018.

    Naomi Osaka walking to the service line
    US Open Championships

    16. Over her career, so far, she has earned $19.7 million in prize money. Did I mention she is only 23?

    Warner Bros. Entertainment

    How many Grand Slams do you think Naomi will win? What's your favorite part about her game? Comment below.

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