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    NFL Draft Prospect Najee Harris Drove Nine Hours To Support His Teammates

    Now that's a teammate.

    Alabama's Najee Harris is arguably the top running back prospect in the 2021 NFL Draft.

    Najee Harris in Alabama uniform.
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    Harris was an integral part of Alabama's National Championship–winning season. Now, he is looking toward his life as a professional.

    Najee Harris celebrating National Championship.
    Tom Pennington / Getty Images

    Today is Alabama's Pro Day, the biggest opportunity for college draft prospects to showcase their skills to NFL scouts — especially with no NFL Combine this year.

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    Bama Insider

    Unfortunately, Harris's flight from Dallas to Birmingham was canceled last night, which means he would miss Alabama's Pro Day...


    ...but not so fast. Last night, Harris drove NINE HOURS overnight from Dallas to Birmingham to make Alabama's Pro Day this morning.


    By the way, Harris isn't even participating in the event.

    Alabama RB Najee Harris’ flight from Dallas to Birmingham was cancelled last night due to lightning, so with no other travel options available, Harris drove nine hours to make it to Alabama’s Pro Day by 10 am today. He’s not even working out today but wanted to support teammates.


    He's literally driven nine hours overnight to support his teammates. What a guy, right?

    Najee Harris in a sit-down interview.

    Although he is not participating in the drills at the Pro Day, it's safe to say he will have the chance to speak to NFL scouts. Because who wouldn't want a player like this:


    Hopefully, scouts are buzzing about his character too, because it seems like Harris is the ultimate teammate.


    Would you drive nine hours overnight just to support your teammates (or even your friends)? Comment below.

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