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    Jensen Ackles Is Batman In New Trailer For "Batman: The Long Halloween, Part One"

    Dean Winchester is now the Caped Crusader.

    It's happening. Supernatural star Jensen Ackles will voice Batman in Batman: The Long Halloween, Part One.

    Warner Bros. Television

    In the new trailer, Ackles unveils his voice for the Caped Crusader, and I have to say, it is pretty fantastic.

    Batman talking to Harvey Dent near stacks of cash
    Warner Bros. Animation

    For the uninitiated, The Long Halloween — one of the best "detective" Batman graphic novels — is all about Batman searching for a killer who strikes on holidays.

    Warner Bros. Televison

    It might surprise you, but this isn't Ackles' first role in an animated Batman film. He starred as the headlining villain Red Hood in Batman: Under the Red Hood.

    Red Hood holding a gun
    Warner Bros. Animation

    *If you haven't seen it, I highly recommend it. It is my favorite Batman animated movie.*

    Needless to say, this story is an engaging murder mystery, and Warner Bros. has cast quite the ensemble of voice actors...

    Batman standing in smoke
    Warner Bros. Animation

    "Pre–Two-Face" Harvey Dent is voiced by Las Vegas and All My Children star Josh Duhamel.

    Batman watching while Two-Face flips a coin
    Warner Bros. Animation

    The late Glee star Naya Rivera voices Catwoman in one of her final roles.

    Catwoman counting money
    Warner Bros. Animation

    And veteran Joker voice actor Troy Baker returns as the Clown Prince of Crime.

    Joker smiling with a purple top hat on
    Warner Bros. Animation

    You liked Bat-fleck. You are excited for Bat-tinson. But can you handle Bat-ckles!?

    Warner Bros. Television

    Batman: The Long Halloween, Part One is expected to be released sometime this spring or summer.

    Batman: The Long Halloween Part One trailer title card
    Warner Bros. Animation

    You can watch the full trailer below:

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