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    12 Moments From "Last Chance U: Basketball" That I Haven't Stopped Thinking About

    LCU made a triumphant return, but this time on the hardwood.

    Netflix's football docuseries Last Chance U has been one of the best sports series over the past couple of years. But instead of the football field, Last Chance U: Basketball brought viewers to the hardwood.


    It had the same intensity and captured the East Los Angeles College basketball team during the wild and emotional roller coaster of the 2019–20 season.

    Here are some of the best moments of the season:

    1. The life of coach John Mosley.

    Coach Mosley yelling at his players

    Mosley is an intense coach, but in a different way from past LCU coaches. The ELAC alum has had an amazing journey, and based on what he's said about his past, it is easy to see why he coaches the way he does.

    2. Raw reactions to Kobe Bryant's death.

    ELAC players in a huddle

    The death of Bryant in 2020 hit basketball fans hard, but I did not even think about how hard it would be for the players of ELAC. It's one thing to grow up watching Kobe, but another thing to grow up in LA and be in the same city the day his helicopter crashed.

    It was tough to watch the players wrap their heads around the tragic passing, but it really emphasizes the raw and real nature of this documentary series.

    3. The way Deshaun Highler wears his heart on his sleeve.

    Deshaun Highler leaning over

    With the death of his mother, Highler admits that he is going through the hardest time of his life. He is the leader of the team and has his emotional moments, but he doesn't shy away from it.

    He might be one of the most interesting people in LCU history.

    4. Coach Mosley's silent treatment.

    Coach Mosley walking by his players

    For more than eight minutes, Coach Mosley walked around the court while he made the players wait on the line to run. It was the top moment in terms of the coach's unorthodox tactics.

    5. Joe Hampton dealing with his emotions in front of the camera.

    Joe Hampton smiling

    Joe acknowledges that he is a "hooper," not just a "basketball player."

    Even the coaches admit that he doesn't belong there because he is an NBA-level talent, but he has his outbursts. In this season, he is one of the tougher players to watch deal with his emotions, but he continues to fight through it.

    6. Coach Mosley keeping it real about the time he's sacrificing for his players.

    Coach Mosley giving an emotional speech

    Maybe the coach's most emotional speech was in the weight room.

    He was exhausted by players who were angry at him, and he reached a boiling point here. Mosley made a point to say how he missed his son's game. He demands extra and the best from his players.

    7. "You hit 30 and it's over."

    Coach Hunter talking to Coach Robinson

    Recruiter and assistant coach Kenneth Hunter was one of the best people to listen to on the show. He gave blunt, honest advice to all of the players.

    The one that really stuck out was him explaining that, as an athlete, you only get a small window, and once you hit 30, there's no more "trying to make it." In life, there are plenty of things you can keep working at to succeed, but as a basketball player, the window of opportunity is quite small.

    8. The greatest camping trip in the history of LCU.

    ELAC team laughing and running around

    Maybe the most fun episode in the whole series. For the team to find their groove together again, Coach Mosley took them camping.

    The shenanigans are worth the price of admission. From impressions to bonding, this was a great time.

    9. "We're picking out our ring tonight."

    Coach Mosley giving a speech in the locker room

    Maybe the best pregame speech from the coach, and he saved it for the best game. Everyone seemed to be playing as if they were picking out their rings.

    10. The back-and-forth game between ELAC and Allan Hancock.

    ELAC players celebrating.

    This game came down to the wire and had that championship feel to it. A missed three off of good defense won the game for ELAC and, unfortunately, was their final win of the season.

    11. Game over.

    Coach Mosley hugging Joe Hampton

    That moment on the bus was tough, and the locker room speech from Mosley was even tougher. This felt like ELAC's storybook season, but the playoffs were called off because of the lockdown. There are no runbacks, and now everyone on that team will be thinking, What if? forever.

    When March Madness was canceled last year, I wondered how players felt, and LCU: B really answered that question. It was nice seeing them pick up one another as a team.

    12. Everyone's story continues.

    Coach Mosley on his laptop.

    It's good to know that the pandemic didn't stop these players from getting scholarships. LCU always paints a good picture of how the players and the coaches are still on a journey that is far from over.

    What was your favorite part of Last Chance U: Basketball? Would you watch another season at ELAC? Comment below.

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