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    22 Extremely Unique Stadium Features You Won’t See Anywhere Else On Earth

    Get ready for a photo op.

    Some stadiums have features so iconic they should be considered sports landmarks. Here are some of the greatest stadium features in sports:

    1. Bernie's Slide at American Family Field

    Brewers mascot Bernie sliding down yellow slide in the outfield.
    Joe Robbins / Getty Images

    Well, New York has a big apple... The Milwaukee Brewers have a big slide.

    Bernie, the Brewers mascot, goes for a ride every time the home team hits a homer.

    2. Howard's Rock at Memorial Stadium

    Howard's Rock sitting atop hill while the sun sets.
    Clemson Football

    Clemson Tigers' tradition of touching Howard's Rock and charging down "The Hill" onto the field is one of the best entrances in sports.

    Just don't stumble because it looks like a rough trip down that hill.

    3. The Pirate Ship at Raymond James Stadium

    Pirate ship among the Tampa Bay fans in Raymond James Stadium.
    Joe Robbins / Getty Images

    Maybe the most underrated landmark can be found in Tampa, Florida.

    It is new compared to other traditional features, installed inside the stadium in 1998, but that doesn't stop it from being one of the wildest features in football.

    4. Home Run Apple at Citi Field

    MLB Network

    Have you ever danced with a giant apple in the pale moonlight?

    Well, now you can! Go to a New York Mets game, wait for a home run, and watch the Big Apple rise.

    5. Bucky the Bronco at Mile High Stadium

    Bucky the Bronco statue at Mile High Stadium.
    The Denver Post YouTube / Via

    Standing at 27 feet tall, Bucky has overlooked Denver Broncos games ever since its erection in 1975.

    Seriously, this is one of the coolest statues in sports.

    6. The Big Screen in Jerry's World at AT&T Stadium

    Jumbotron inside the Dallas Cowboys stadium
    Team Coco

    The big screen in AT&T Stadium has grown on me.

    At first, it is easy to roll your eyes at a giant jumbotron in Texas, but I like that teams are constantly trying to make their own landmark feature rather than just building a generic stadium.

    7. The Cannon in Nationwide Arena

    Cannon mounted in upper decks of Nationwide Arena.
    NBC Sports

    If you want a good jump scare, attend a Columbus Blue Jackets hockey game.

    They set off a cannon for every goal. Not a cannon sound effect. A cannon.

    8. Ivy in the Outfield at Wrigley Field

    Ivy-covered walls stretching across Wrigley Field's outfield.

    If any stadium can give the Green Monster in Boston a run for its money, the Chicago Cubs have one of the best outfields in baseball. Ivy running all across the outfield walls makes it one of the more breathtaking features in sports.

    9. Hawks Nest at CenturyLink Field

    Bench section titled "Hawks Nest" inside CenturyLink Field.

    The curious bleachers form an ascending triangle-like shape and overlook the Seattle Seahawks' loudest stadium in professional football. The shape really makes it a unique design compared to other stadiums.

    10. Train at Minute Maid Park

    Who wouldn't want a big toy train in their stadium?

    It's a cool feature for the Houston Astros and so high up that you could probably see the other team's dugout while aboard.

    11. The Lighthouse at Gillette Stadium

    Lighthouse structure outside Gillette Stadium.

    Name something more New England than a lighthouse. It works so well and is an underappreciated feature found at the stadium of the six-time champs.

    12. Roof Petals at Mercedes-Benz Stadium

    Mercedes-Benz Stadium / Via

    "Mesmerizing" doesn't do this roof justice.

    It is like something out of Star Wars, like it was inspired by the Millennium Falcon's top hatch.

    13. McCovey Cove at Oracle Park

    Cover outside Oracle Park.
    Lachlan Cunningham / Getty Images

    A beautiful area with equally beautiful architecture. It would be fun to take a kayak in the cove and wait for a baseball to never come.

    14. The Green Monster at Fenway Park

    Fenway Park's "Green Monster" wall.
    ABC News

    The GOAT of sports stadium features, mainly because it actually affects the game itself. Boston Red Sox games would not be the same without this infamous 37-foot-tall left field wall.

    15. Monument Park at Yankee Stadium

    Plaques of Yankee greats.

    One of the most historical and winningest franchises in sports (Red Sox fan pauses angrily while he types), but seriously, the entire centerfield is a beautiful ode to all the great players of the past.

    16. Steam Whistle at Georgia Tech

    View this video on YouTube

    craigclarke /

    Georgia Tech has this wonderful, but not very subtle, steam whistle that blows whenever the team scores a touchdown and wins a game.

    The whistle also goes off every five minutes before the top of the hour, which I'm sure is helpful for students on campus.

    17. The Rocket at the Glass Bowl

    Big yellow and blue rocket pointing toward the sky.
    University of Toledo

    Toledo has a nice, not-so-little rocket in front of their stadium.

    And Holy Toledo, it is pointing northeast to the direction of their rivals Bowling Green.

    18. The Admiral at Vanderbilt Stadium

    Naval horn atop stadium.
    Vanderbilt University

    Vanderbilt Stadium has an old-fashioned naval horn atop their stadium that goes off for touchdowns. They may want to find a different team saying than "blowing the Admiral."

    19. Charter Hill at Cal

    Students sitting on Tightwad Hill overlooking Cal's stadium.

    Nicknamed "Tightwad Hill," this is one of the coolest ways to let fans who couldn't buy tickets experience the game in a unique way.

    It is an awesome out-of-body looking experience, wherein you can watch the game.

    20. Water Fountain at Kauffman Stadium

    Fountains in the outfield of Kauffman Stadium.
    Kansas City PBS

    The designs of the water fountains in centerfield are quite the aquatic orchestra.

    Baseball is on another level when it comes to outfield landmarks.

    21. Memorial Water Wall at Soldier Field

    Water wall outside of Soldier Field.

    Right outside Soldier Field is a great way to honor the branches of the military.

    22. The Sanford Stadium Hedges

    View this video on YouTube

    SEC Network

    As long as you don't get stuck in them, the hedges are a great backdrop for the Georgia Bulldogs football team.

    What is your favorite sports feature that wasn't on this list? How about naming some international ones in the comments below.