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    23 DIY Projects That Crashed And Burned, But We're Blessed To Witness

    "Nailed it."

    The previous owner of this faucet didn't leave enough room for the drain tab, so now the whole base is installed backward. Now, whenever I wash my hands, I feel like I'm in a fun house.

    A faucet has the handles and drain tab on the wrong side

    Here are 23 DIY fails that were a waste of time, but at least they are hilarious:

    1. The perfect cat door for your levitating cat.

    2. Painting is hard, but it shouldn't be this hard.

    3. To close the door to this bathroom, all you have to do is move the toilet every time:

    4. Nasty rims, my man.

    5. That's just a waste of a good container:

    6. Hey, at least the lock works on this DIY:

    7. Let's leave dog grooming to the professionals, please. My man looks like a Muppets character.

    8. Apparently, I'm not the only one to witness failed DIY faucets...

    9. The gross foam for this leak fix looks like something out of an amateur horror film:

    10. Just think, with this drain design, you'll never have more than three inches of water at your feet.

    11. I don't even understand the aesthetic that this person is going for:

    12. There's DIY, and then there is straight-up laziness.

    13. Unless you weigh under 50 pounds, this might not be a great design for a staircase:

    14. My feet hurt just looking at these:

    15. If this happened to me after all that time working on it, I would leave defeated and throw my keys in the nearest body of water.

    16. It looks like Tweetie fired a mini cannon out of this birdhouse.

    17. This design hurts my brain:

    18. I think some steps were missed during the process of making this cake.

    19. I think I'd avoid driving behind this person.

    20. I'm just milking some of these DIY fails at this point.

    21. There's a reason toilet paper hasn't ever changed.

    22. Imagine putting in all this hard work, then you stop, think, and realize...

    23. And lastly, despite all these DIY errors, just remember, nobody is perfect...but damn:

    Have you ever experienced a DIY fail? Comment below!