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    17 Things That Are Actually So Cheap To Make But Cost Sooo Much Literally Just 'Cause Of Greed

    This life-saving medication device costs hundreds despite costing a few dollars to make.

    I'm a numbers guy. Not a good numbers guy, but I am fascinated by taking a closer look at numbers. So, I thought it would be interesting to look at a bunch of products under a microscope and see if they are worth the cost of making them.

    Here are 17 items that are priced WAY higher than they cost to make:

    1. Eyeglasses

    a pair of eyeglasses

    2. Candles

    a pair of hands making a candle

    3. Greeting cards

    A wall of greeting cards in a store

    4. College textbooks

    animated photo of college textbooks

    5. Printer cartridges

    printer cartridges unveiled inside of a printer

    6. Soda can

    Filling of colorful beverage cans on production line

    7. EpiPens

    a person holds an epipen

    8. Mattresses

    stacked mattresses in production

    9. Smartphones

    mobile phone being produced

    10. Bath bombs

    person makes bath bombs

    11. Wristwatch

    hands construct a wrist watch

    12. Designer jeans

    person trims jean pants

    13. Any sneaker

    belt line of shoes

    14. Wedding dresses

    wedding dress rack

    15. Jewelry

    Jeweler polishing the diamond ring

    16. Halloween costumes

    Halloween pumpkin mask

    17. Any "high-end" beauty products

    skincare oil serum

    Do you find these prices fair despite the manufacturing cost? Is there a specific item that you believe is straight-up not worth it? Comment below!