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    The "Don't Breathe 2" Trailer Reveals "The Blind Man" Is The Lead

    Time to see what he sees...again.

    *SPOILER WARNING* if you have not seen Don't Breathe.

    The Don't Breathe 2 trailer has dropped, and I warn you, they show A LOT of the film in this one trailer, so watch at your own risk:

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    The most interesting aspect of this film is the noticeable role change taken on by the first film's antagonist, "the Blind Man" (played by Stephen Lang).

    Stephen Lang with white hair and a white beard as "The Blind Man"

    After his role in the first film, it is hard to believe they will attempt to make this man a sympathetic lead, but enter this girl:

    Young girl smiling while wearing a beanie

    So according to the synopsis, this is a young orphaned girl he has taken in and raised.

    Young girl looking scared

    This is a sequel set years after the first one, which means this might be a redemption arc for the Blind Man. Yikes.

    The trailer's story would have been a lot more intriguing from the young girl's perspective rather than being cut to look like an overdone "save my daughter" revenge tale.

    The Blind Man taking weapons out of his van

    There are still plenty of intriguing questions I'm excited to see answered though. For example: How are the kidnappers tied to the Blind Man's past?

    Three suspicious men looking at a house during the night

    How will the girl react once she learns the dark truth about her guardian?

    The Blind Man standing behind an unknowing girl

    Does this poor dog have any chance of surviving through the first act of the film?

    One thing that made Don't Breathe unique is that the audience felt like they were watching something they weren't supposed to will its sequel do the same?

    The Blind Man in blue lighting

    Are you excited to see Don't Breathe 2 this August? What do you think of the direction they chose? Comment below!