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    26 Common Knowledge Facts From Around The World That People In Other Countries Would Never Guess

    Aussies recognize a kangaroo and an emu for a very specific reason.

    The Declaration of Independence was adopted on July 4, 1776. That's general knowledge for Americans, but easy facts vary depending on where you live.

    The declaration of Independence

    I researched various countries and found a common knowledge fact for each one. Here's what I found:

    1. In Tokyo, Japan, you can find the Tsukiji Market, the world's largest fish market.

    People working in the busy Tsukiji Market

    2. The word "Canada" comes from the Huron-Iroquois word "Kanata," which means "village/settlement."

    a harbor in Novia Scotia, Canada

    3. The world's most famous cheese rolling competition is located in Gloucestershire, England.

    people chase a cheese wheel down a steep hill

    4. The Taj Mahal can be found situated on the riverbank of Yamuna.

    a river bank ahead of the Taj Mahal

    5. Santiago de Tequila is the name of the town that is the birthplace of the drink.

    three shelf levels of tequila bottles

    6. "Feijoada" is the national dish of Brazil, which is a black bean stew.

    A bowl of stew

    7. Although China has many popular sports, the country's national sport is table tennis.

    Kids play make-shift table tennis on the streets of China

    8. The Australian Commonwealth Coat of Arms features two animals: a kangaroo and an emu.

    Coat of arms of Australia featuring a kangaroo and emu

    9. It is estimated that there are more than 18,000 islands that make up Indonesia, but there are five main islands.

    scattered green islands of Indonesia

    10. The largest city in Pakistan based on population is Karachi, known as "the city of lights."

    illuminated traffic at night in Karachi, Pakistan

    11. Bangladesh's national flag is green, with a red disc at the center. It symbolizes a "rising new country."

    Bangladesh flag on flagpole during sunset

    12. The national language of the Philippines is Tagalog. "Mahal Kita."

    students watch Philippines flag raised

    13. In Egypt, the Suez Canal connects the Mediterranean Sea to the Red Sea, but it also separates Africa from Asia.

    container ship passes through Suez Canal

    14. This charm, known as "nazar boncugu" in Turkey, is meant to protect against the "evil eye."

    Blue charm with a eye at the center

    15. Gummy Bears are a German invention.

    Gummy bears look at an orb

    16. Although Brie might be the most internationally recognized cheese from France, they have hundreds of different kinds of cheese exports.

    A variety of cheese

    17. Due to calculations particular to South Korea, when a baby is born, they are 1 year old.

    A baby has their hand held by adult

    18. The Andean condor is the national bird of Colombia.

    Andean condor with a white beak

    19. Pamplona, Spain is where you can find the Bull Run as part of the San Fermín Festival.

    bulls charge after humans on a street

    20. 28% of Ugandans have started their own businesses, making them the most entrepreneurial country in the world.

    Ugandan shopkeep stands with his store items

    21. If you're looking for the highest AND lowest points of the Southern Hemisphere, visit Argentina. Salt lake Laguna del Carbón in the Santa Cruz Province is the lowest, and Aconcagua mountain in the Andes is the highest.

    Aconcagua mountain in Mendoza, Argentina

    22. Algeria gained independence from the French in 1962, on July 5.

    Two Algerian flags

    23. Ukraine has 4,159 named mountains.

    Carpathian mountains in Ukraine

    24. Present-day Iraq has the oldest writing system, dating way back to 3,400 BC.

    Mesopotamia writing carved in stone

    25. Morocco has both a red city (Marrakesh) and a blue city (Chefchaouen).

    26. The Amazon Rainforest covers TWO-THIRDS of Peru!

    Dense rainforest

    Feel free to share any common knowledge facts about your country that other people wouldn't know below!