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    21 Christmas Horror Movies You Can Stream Right Now

    He sees you when you're sleeping...

    You might not know this, but Christmas and horror mix very well. Just ask any family gathering on the 25th.

    The Walt Disney Company

    Here's a list of horror(mas) movies you can stream right now:

    NOTE: I am following the "Die Hard is a Christmas movie" rule for this list, so if it takes place during Christmas time, I'm counting it.

    Available on Hulu:

    1. Pooka!


    An 83-minute special that's part of the Into the Dark anthology series. A film that can be described as "Becoming Pooka," and a nice Christmas staple on Hulu.

    2. Christmas Evil

    Pan American Pictures

    This thriller follows a killer that dresses up like Santa and goes on a murdering spree. I don't know if they were purposefully going for the "classic Christmas commercial filter," but if they did, it's pretty brilliant.

    3. Rare Exports: A Christmas Tale

    FS Film Oy

    Finnish Santa hunters...what more could you ask for this holiday season? This was actually inspired by a short film called Rare Exports Inc., which is basically the same story.

    4. The Lodge


    If you prefer psychological horror, then this might be the Horror-mas film for you. A stepmother-to-be faces her past in, you guessed it, a lodge with her soon-to-be stepchildren.

    Available on Netflix

    5. Elves (Series)

    Elf hides behind old boxes

    Not a movie, but this is the best Netflix has to offer to itch that Horror-mas scratch. Nothing says "Netflix and chill" like making love while watching tiny killer elves terrorize a vacationing family.

    Available on Shudder:

    6. Better Watch Out

    Storm Vision Entertainment

    Young adult meets Horror-mas. This 2016 film was well received and even nominated for the Saturn Award for "Best Horror Film."

    Available on Amazon Prime:

    7. Krampus (2015)

    Universal Pictures

    Santa gives. Krampus takes. This horror comedy might be the best Christmas horror movie I've ever seen. The character designs of the monsters blow me away, and there are some legitimately good creeps in this film.

    8. A Christmas Horror Story

    RLJ Entertainment

    Cats vs. Dogs. Red Sox vs. Yankees. Then there is a real rivalry like Santa vs. Krampus. A Christmas Horror Story is a marvelous mess that is a must-see for Horror-mas.

    9. Dead of Night

    Universal Pictures

    Another anthology with a Christmas segment that is when a game of trick-or-treat goes array. But this British horror film is well known for its final segment. Come for "The Christmas Party," but stay for "The Ventriloquist's Puppet."

    10. Dead End

    A woman is illuminated by car headlights
    Lions Gate Entertainment

    A French horror film with the lovely Lin Shaye (Insidious). It has those early 2000s horror vibes and takes you on a never-ending road of nightmares.

    Available on Disney+:

    11. The Nightmare Before Christmas


    Tim Burton's masterpiece is a great double-dip for Halloween and Christmas. I relate to Jack Skellington's love for Christmas and Halloween so much.

    Available on HBO Max:

    12. Gremlins

    Warner Bros.

    Maybe the most popular Horror-mas movie of all time. The gremlins freak a lot of people out, but watch for yourself if you've never seen this classic!

    13. Jack Frost (1997)

    A-Pix Entertainment, Inc.

    "You wanna get frosty?! C'mon! Let's get frosty!" Michael Keaton...oh, what's that? Wrong Jack Frost? Darn it. This is the 1997 Jack Frost, where a serial killer fuses with the snow to become a killer snowman. Don't laugh — that is basically the Sandman villain in Spider-Man series.

    Available on Peacock:

    14. Black Christmas (1974)

    Warner Bros.

    A deranged killer stalks sorority sisters. This is a Canadian slasher that has become a cult classic over the years, especially for the holiday season.

    15. Santa's Slay

    Media 8 Entertainment

    What if Santa was a killer played by pro wrestler Bill Goldberg? If you've spent your whole life asking this question...I have some great news for you. I'll say this: Santa's Slay is as goofy as it gets.

    16. Fatman

    Kid cries in the snow holding up coal
    Saban Films

    A kid tries to assassinate Santa Claus after getting coal for Christmas. More on the side of comedic horror (like most on this list), it is a hilarious concept that I'm sure Mel Gibson's presence perhaps stunted as far as reception.

    Available on Tubi:

    17. Santa Claws (1996)

    A man in a mask and Santa hat
    A-Pix Entertainment, Inc.

    A B-horror slasher film. Never seen it. Never heard of it. But, hey, it fits the bill of Christmas horror.

    18. Tales From the Crypt: And All Through the House

    Warner Bros.

    Another anthology segment, but from the GOAT of horror anthologies: Tales From the Crypt. This one follows, wait for it, a killer dressed as Santa. Seeing a theme here on this list?

    19. Silent Night, Deadly Night Part 2 (1987)

    Silent Night Releasing Corporation

    "Garbage day!"

    The famous meme comes to life in the original film and one of the most off-the-wall sequels nobody asked for. It's like this movie was made for YouTube reactors to laugh at. That said...add it to your Horror-mas list!

    20. The Gingerbread Man

    PolyGram Filmed Entertainment

    No comments. Just a grotesque, living gingerbread man.

    Available on PlutoTV:

    21. Anna and the Apocalypse

    Vertigo Releasing

    A very popular little zombie film. Funny and well shot. Oh, by the way, it's a musical!

    Are there any Horror-mas movies you love? Comment below!