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    21 Christmas Horror Movies You Can Stream Right Now

    He sees you when you're sleeping...

    You might not know this, but Christmas and horror mix very well. Just ask any family gathering on the 25th.

    Here's a list of horror(mas) movies you can stream right now:

    NOTE: I am following the "Die Hard is a Christmas movie" rule for this list, so if it takes place during Christmas time, I'm counting it.

    Available on Hulu:

    1. Pooka!

    2. Christmas Evil

    3. Rare Exports: A Christmas Tale

    4. The Lodge

    Available on Netflix

    5. Elves (Series)

    Elf hides behind old boxes

    Available on Shudder:

    6. Better Watch Out

    Available on Amazon Prime:

    7. Krampus (2015)

    8. A Christmas Horror Story

    9. Dead of Night

    10. Dead End

    A woman is illuminated by car headlights

    Available on Disney+:

    11. The Nightmare Before Christmas

    Available on HBO Max:

    12. Gremlins

    13. Jack Frost (1997)

    Available on Peacock:

    14. Black Christmas (1974)

    15. Santa's Slay

    16. Fatman

    Kid cries in the snow holding up coal

    Available on Tubi:

    17. Santa Claws (1996)

    A man in a mask and Santa hat

    18. Tales From the Crypt: And All Through the House

    19. Silent Night, Deadly Night Part 2 (1987)

    20. The Gingerbread Man

    Available on PlutoTV:

    21. Anna and the Apocalypse

    Are there any Horror-mas movies you love? Comment below!