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    Becky Hammon Could Be The First Woman To Head Coach In NBA History

    Boston needs a change, and she might be in San Antonio right now.

    After one of the most disappointing seasons in recent Boston Celtics memory, the team announced major changes to the front office today:

    Celtics make it official: Danny Ainge retires, Brad Stevens is President of Basketball Operations


    The most shocking element of this move is that head coach Brad Stevens will stay with the team, but not as the coach, which leaves a head coaching hole in Boston.

    Brad Stevens coaching with his arms raised while yelling

    Names of possible replacements have already been tossed around.

    Potential Brad Stevens coaching replacements: Chauncey Billups, Sam Cassell, Juwan Howard, Becky Hammon, Jay Larranaga, Jason Kidd, Kenny Atkinson, Jay Wright. Who's your preference, #Celtics fans?

    Twitter: @AdamMKaufman

    With a pretty decent pool of candidates for this season's hiring wave, one name has come up quite a bit on Twitter: Becky Hammon.

    Becky Hammon pointing

    Hammon has been an assistant coach for the San Antonio Spurs since 2014 and has learned behind all-time great Gregg Popovich.

    Gregg Popovich and Becky Hammon coaching

    She also had an impressive basketball career, being a six-time WNBA All-Star and recognized as a Top-15 WNBA player of all time.

    Becky Hammon with a basketball

    In 2015, Hammon coached the Spurs' Summer League team and won the title.

    Becky Hammon with clipboard coaching

    Which boils down to this: What is Stevens looking for, assuming he gets the final call in the hiring process?

    Brad Stevens standing next to Jayson Tatum

    Well, Stevens is on record saying this about Hammon:

    Brad Stevens praises Spurs assistant coach Becky Hammon and says he hopes to see the first female head coach in the NBA "very soon"

    Twitter: @NBCSCeltics

    Are we close to having Becky Hammon as the first woman hired as a head coach in the NBA? Comment below!

    Becky Hammon sitting with a clipboard and talking to a Spurs player