11 Things That Happened In Every 2000s Movie That Should Make A Comeback, And 11 That Should Never See The Light Of Day Again

    "I'm you... and your me!?"

    If it's not broken, don't fix it. Throughout time, films have been known to hop on trends and tropes that work. The 2000s were no exception. From spiked hair with frosted tips to low-rise jeans, the 2000s had a very particular vibe, and that includes the clichés that kept appearing on the big screen.

    Here are 11 things from 2000s movies we should bring back and 11 we should trash forever:

    NOTE: Dated tropes like sexual harassment as a comedic gag, gay men used as jesters, the awful portrayal of Native Americans, and other things of such nature stretch beyond the 2000s and are obviously problematic. So, I chose to exclude them from this list.

    1. BRING IT BACK! When a film delivers a big musical number despite it not being a full-blown musical.

    2. TRASH IT! Body swaps give us the same lesson over and over and over and over (you get the picture).

    3. BRING IT BACK! Movies that have non-teachers try to teach kids.

    4. TRASH IT! Cops or whoever go deep undercover into seemingly weird professions or personas.

    The Wayans brothers in "White Chicks"

    5. BRING IT BACK! Who doesn't love a changing room montage of a character trying on terrible 'fits only to find the perfect outfit?

    6. TRASH IT! A vengeful warrior needs someone to die to give them motivation.

    7. BRING IT BACK! Horror icons duke it out in films reminiscent of old-school Universal monster movies.

    8. TRASH IT! Rob Schneider cameos in every Adam Sandler film.

    9. BRING IT BACK! Celeb cameos and bringing the laughs.

    10. TRASH IT! The main character falls during a serious/trying-to-be-cool moment.

    11. BRING IT BACK! Our two leads sucking faces in the rain.

    12. TRASH IT! A character tells another character to "GET OUT OF MY LIFE," only to apologize later.

    13. BRING IT BACK! A story around a character gaining superpowers or discovering hidden powers (non-comic book films).

    14. TRASH IT! The geek is really a babe, thanks to a makeover.

    15. BRING IT BACK! Dramatic love-at-first-sight moments that are extra x100.

    a man looks on lovingly

    16. TRASH IT! Superheroes wore black costumes despite how their costumes looked in comic books.

    Wolverine in a black suit

    17. BRING IT BACK! Portals take us to a magical world.

    a girl looks up at a street lamp

    18. TRASH IT! "Screensaver-looking" CGI is proof that pushing the boundaries of technology can ruin films that could have been ageless.

    19. BRING IT BACK! Practical set pieces that feel like another world and not another studio stage.

    Gandalf at a hobbit door

    20. TRASH IT! Sloooooow mooooootioooon.

    21. BRING IT BACK! Campy fight scenes that don't take themselves seriously, but at the same time, don't do it in a meta way.

    three women pose in a fighting stance

    22. TRASH IT! Farts equal comedy gold.

    Are there any 2000s movie tropes that deserve a comeback? How about ones you'd banish forever? Comment below!

    If you didn't like my list, yell at me in the comments and tell me to "GET OUT OF YOUR LIFE" (and then apologize days later).