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18 Reasons You Wished The Robot Devil Was Your Best Friend

He's just so delightfully ironic.

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1. Because he went to any length to surprise you.


2. Because he could fulfill your every wish.

3. Because the only way to get into his house was via a gigantic slide.


4. Because the Robot Devil always kept it real with you.

5. Because the Beastie Boys were part of his posse.


6. Because the Robot Devil always tried to make things easy for you.

7. Because he was never above giving you hygiene tips.

8. Because he was chill enough to lend you a copy of his book.


9. Because he had classical tendencies.

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10. Because he could always help you decipher legalese.

11. Because he entertained you with awesome pyrotechnic shows.


12. That were only ever matched by his amazing style and sick dance moves.


13. Because the Robot Devil never took himself too seriously.

14. Because the Robot Devil had no problem letting his fun side come out...

Comedy Central

15. And he was never afraid to express himself.

Comedy Central

16. Because the Robot Devil actually managed to start a band.

17. And he just looked soooo happy playing his little fiddle for you.

18. But mostly, you wished he was your friend when he was just this damn talented.

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