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    26 Essential Life Lessons From The Simpsons

    The Simpsons is overflowing with important lessons. Chances are it taught you everything you need to know in life.

    1. It's important to try to keep your cool during sensitive situations.

    2. But learning how to release your emotions is a must.

    3. Take change in stride.

    4. There's nothing quite like quality bonding time.

    5. And while money is great and all...

    6. True happiness comes from something much more basic.

    7. So don't flaunt your wealth.

    8. Be wary of taking things too literally.

    9. It's important to have priorities in your life.

    10. You should never be ashamed of your body...

    11. But it's important to know when not to show off.

    12. Never give up.

    13. Find a dedicated room in which to work.

    14. Voting for third parties may not be the best idea...

    15. But don't be afraid to voice unpopular opinions.

    16. Never feel pressure to conform.

    17. Good karma must be earned.

    18. Sometime's it's best to not be completely honest.

    19. Reverse psychology is a powerful tool...

    20. As is multitasking.

    21. At some point, you may have to learn how to deal with a crazy boss.

    22. Having a good work ethic is fundamental for success.

    23. Never let anyone stand in the way of your dreams...

    24. And when you do dream, dream big.

    25. Never be afraid of opening up to the ones you love.

    26. And most importantly, find something to live for.