27 Times Richard Simmons Was Fabulous In 2013

Here comes Richard, jazzercising his way into your heart.

1. When he had the most adorable freckles ever as a newsie.

2. When he embraced his inner animal at the Macy’s Day Parade.

3. When he was a beautiful peacock.

4. When he boldly rocked lavender by a Christmas tree.

5. When he posed with Miss USA and you couldn’t tell who was more fabulous.

6. When he rocked out in Steve Aoki’s music video.

7. And then when he promoted the music video for his own single, Hair Do.

8. When he gave advice for how to look as fantastic as he does for Halloween.

9. When he rocked that floral swimcap with Diana Nyad at Swim For Relief.

Ilya S. Savenok / Getty Images


10. When he gave the most adorable smile while being cat burgled.

11. When he graced us with his emotions while watching the Emmys.

12. When he helped us Twerk during Jimmy Kimmel Live.

ABC / Via facebook.com

13. When he was challenged to stand still for a whole minute, and he won.

14. When he showed off his swagger with Celine Dion.

15. When he rocked out with a leopard in leopard print leggings.

16. When he uses his Facebook to help promote small businesses.

17. When he showed the world his love for hippos.

18. When he jested his way into everyone’s hearts.

19. When he had the best cop picture ever.

20. When he looked just as lovely as Marilyn Monroe.

And look at those stockings!

21. When he rocked muscle leggings while meeting one of his favorite authors, Alan Dershowitz.

22. When he shows off about going to the same tie store in Venice for 23 years.

23. When he made blue hair look stunning.

24. When he owned a tutu and a pair of glasses made out of colored pencils.

25. When he made chilling with Santa look like the coziest thing imaginable.

26. When he totally nailed Carrie, in his The Carrie Diaries impersonation.

27. And finally, when he showed the world his alter ego, Wilbur.

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