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18 Reasons Pizza Is Your Best Friend

Pizza has been with you every step of the way. It's most definitely not overrated.

1. Pizza has stuck with you since the beginning, even when you thought lunchables were the shit.

2. It's hot deliciousness was one of your all time favorite elementary school memories.

3. And those days when you had bagel bites after school? Heaven.

4. Pizza always had your back through puberty. Never once did it flake out on you.

5. Pizza's solidness provided a backbone for everything you and your friends did.

6. Obviously! Since pizza is perfectly flawless and amazing...

7. With amounts of deliciously hot cheese that just defies explanation...

8. And if meat is something you crave, just throw it on. Pizza can take it for you.

9. Because pizza loves you, and will do anything to make you happy.

10. Taco pizza? Breakfast pizza? Pizza's been there, man.

11. Pizza will even slather itself in chocolate and change itself into a dessert for you. It just loves you that strongly.

12. That's why in college, pizza would never abandon you, no matter how drunk you were...

13. Or how late it had to stay up with you at the library.

14. And fuck, pizza had no problems being sold cheap so you could afford it, and it was still delicious!

15. And if for some reason you couldn't make it out the door, pizza would always come to you.

16. Pizza knew how to dress itself up for you, when you were feeling high class.

17. Or when you wanted to pretend to be healthy.

18. Because really, pizza is your best friend, and it would do anything to make you happy. Even if that meant going into space.