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16 Original Pokemon That Would Actually Make Fantastic Pets

Because, seriously, who hasn't wished at least once to have a Pokemon for real?

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1. Psyduck

TV Tokyo / Via

Psyduck may live in a perpetual state of headache induced confusion, but look how cute he is. This Pokemon is also completely safe as long as its headache is kept in check.

What your friends will say: "Why are you constantly force feeding that duck ibuprofen?"

2. Slowpoke

TV Tokyo / Via

Slowpokes are the ideal pet for those who want to chill. They are slow moving, easy going, and content to just chill by the water with you all day.

What your friends will say: "Did you get that hippo high?"

3. Squirtle

TV Tokyo / Via

Squirtle is essentially the turtle of your dreams. It does everything a turtle can, while being dapper. If it gets angry, the worst it can do will be to spray bubbles all over your house - great for the kids!

What your friends will say: "Your turtle is more stylish than you."

4. Sandshrew

TV Tokyo / Via

Sandshrews make the perfect pet for anyone living in a desert climate. Shy and introverted, Sandshrews roll into a ball like hedgehogs when afraid. They also love to dig.
What your friends will say:
"I've heard these things make great soccer balls."


5. Vulpix

TV Tokyo / Via

Everyone knows the fox says "vulpix!" Soft and loving, vulpix will definitely function as a chick magnet to boot. Just watch out for it's slight tendency to start fires.

What your friends will say: "Can I use it to light my cigarette?"

6. Oddish

TV Tokyo / Via

Worried about forgetting to feed your pet? No worries, Oddish can feed itself from the soil. It is also perfect for night owls and those who are really into plants.

What your friends will say: "I hear these make great pets until they go through puberty and get all gloomy."

7. Persian

TV Tokyo / Via

Nothing says class quite like a pet Persian. Persians are much like your normal house cat, except bigger. Although not the nicest of Pokemon, they are experts at styling up jewelry.

What your friends will say: "Did you glue a jewel to your cats forehead?"

8. Poliwag

Poliwags make precious little tadpole pets. These are perfect pets for warmer climates, since they can help cool you off with a small blast of water. Why not give them a whirl?

What your friends will say: "Wow, that thing has got some big lips."


9. Chansey

TV Tokyo / Via

Take a chance with Chansey, and you'll discover it's the perfect pet. It is warm, caring, and able to look after you when you're sick. It also produces questionably delicious eggs to eat.

What your friends will say: "What are the chances this pet could get a job. Get it? Get it?"

10. Growlithe

TV Tokyo / Via

It will be hard to find a pet that will be more eternally loyal than Growlithe. Growlithe's are ideal for people who would want a Vulpix, but are afraid it might come off a little effeminate.

What your friends will say: "Did you spray paint your dog orange again?"

11. Tangela

TV Tokyo / Via

Take a chance on Tangela. Although it is a bit of a mystery, as it always hides its face, Tangela makes for a great hugger. It is also non-toxic.

What your friends will say: "I didn't realize there were walking Chia Pets now."


13. Magikarp

TV Tokyo / Via

Magikarp is great for those who love inherently useless things. It's the goldfish of the 21st century. Completely incapable of doing anything, Magikarp is just like your goldfish... Only multiple times larger.

What your friends will say: "If we poke it enough will it do something cool?"

14. Eevee

TV Tokyo / Via

You can't go wrong with Eevee. It has the cuteness of a Vulpix and loyalty of a Growlithe without the fear of burning down your house.

What your friends will say: "Is this one of those labradoodles I've been hearing so much about?"

15. Snorlax

TV Tokyo / Via

Snorlax is the perfect pet for those whose main activities include eating, sleeping, and doing small jigs. It could also make a great pillow once it has passed out. Keeping this pet would definitely require a good amount of space, though. Sorry, New Yorkers!

What your friends will say: "Man, and I thought you were a fat fuck..."

16. Ditto

TV Tokyo / Via

Ditto is the ideal pet for anyone who can never make a decision. Why pick having a single pet when Ditto can be anything you ever wanted and more?

What your friends will say: "Can it do Beyonce?"