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    15 Commuters That Have It Way Worse Than You

    Your hour-long commute will never look better.

    1. Anyone who has to drive along the North Yungas Road in Bolivia.

    2. Anyone who has to use the Sao Paulo metro, ever.

    3. Anyone who has to deal with traffic driving along Paso Internacional Los Libertadores.

    4. Anyone who constantly has to risk their life by driving under the Devil's Nose.

    5. Anyone who gets motion sick but still has to weave along Trollstigen in Norway.

    6. Anyone who has no choice but using a zip line to get to town in Colombia.

    7. Anyone who has to cross the Hussaini Bridge in Kashmir.

    8. Anyone hoping to get on this train in Beijing.

    9. Or anyone in Tokyo who has to be squeezed into the subways.

    10. Or, especially, anyone who has to fight with all their might to get off the subway.

    11. Anyone who has to take the Tren A La Nubes and is scared of heights.

    12. Anyone who has to drive along official highways in Siberia.

    13. Anyone who even has to consider hanging off the side of the train.

    14. Or really anyone who lives just outside the scope of public transport.

    15. But really, no one has it worse than the poor souls who had to compete with this man's modeling.