21 Clues That You’re The Zoidberg Of Your Friend Group

Why not Zoidberg?

1. Despite your best intentions, you never quite fit in.

Fox / Via youtube.com

2. Maybe because at times your hygiene leaves something to be desired.

Fox / Via youtube.com

3. And keeping secrets? Forgedaboudit!


4. Generally you have a one-track mind.


5. While love and romance seem like foreign concepts you’ll never understand.

6. So questionable hookups become the norm.


7. Mainly because you cherish even the smallest amount of attention.


8. Sometimes you don’t quite realize when people want to be alone.




9. But it’s always too late to make things not awkward, since you make horrible exits.

Comedy Central / Via youtube.com

10. Your dance moves, though? Totally fabulous.

11. Finance is never really something that made sense to you.




12. So you often make questionable decisions and purchases.


13. And at times, you may ‘accidentally’ clear out a friend’s fridge.

Comedy Central

14. Sometimes goals seem just out of reach.

Comedy Central / Via lahorrorshow.tumblr.com

15. In fact, you often just happily expect the worst.




16. But you know how to be ridiculous, and find pleasure in the small things.

17. Although you have a problem holding your liquor…

18. And you have an unfortunate habit of breaking everything you love…

Fox / Via cheezburger.com

19. Once the alcohol starts flowing, you know how to let loose…

20. But alcohol or not, you’re totally chill.

21. Because at the end of the day, your heart is generally in the right place.


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