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    19 Blanket Forts You'll Want To Hibernate In

    Is there really anything better than surrounding yourself in blankets?

    1. Fort Good Vibrations

    Amenities: Lava lamp, mood lighting, plush sheets, and a 100% likelihood of finding weed.

    2. Fort Triumphant

    Amenities: Couches. Just, room for couches.

    3. Fort Party

    Amenities: High roofs, multiple rooms, and places to hide from awkward party situations.

    4. Fort Living Large

    Amenities: Sick mood lighting, laptop stand, and a pillow corner.

    5. Fort Lantern Party

    Amenities: Paper lanterns and built in seating.

    6. Fort Repose

    Amenities: Plenty of sleeping room and pillows on pillows on pillows.

    7. Fort Male Bonding

    Amenities: Guest rooms, wide tunnels, these strapping young men.

    8. Fort Derelict

    Amenities: Strong outer walls, multiple sheets, and a secure entrance way.

    9. Fort Self-Sufficient

    Amenities: A MacBook, guitar, book shelf, snowflake lights, and the feeling of warmth during a long winter.

    10. Fort Hook

    Amenities: Twinkling lights and a sense of sepia nostalgia.

    11. Fort Sprawl

    Amenities: Plenty of leg space, enough room for a fort mate.

    12. Fort Dood

    Amenities: Flat screen TV, lanterns, and a sleeping mat.

    13. Fort Good Enough

    Amenities: Colorful wall anchors and two colors of sheets to choose from!

    14. Fort Brolagio

    Amenities: High ceilings, plenty of space for furniture, and a TV nook.

    15. Fort Cozy Corner

    Amenities: Room to stand, pillowed safety corner, lighting for reading.

    16. Fort Romance

    Amenities: Chocolate fondue fountain... That's enough.

    17. Fort Bro Pad

    Amenities: Easily accessible entrance, beautiful wooden framing, electric candles, and beer.

    18. Fort GROSS

    Amenities: High ceilings, strong colors, and impeccable construction.

    19. Fort Tres Chic

    Amenities: Full bed, secure structure, and tons of patterns to trip out to.

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