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    15 Dream Hostels From Around The World

    Who would have thought shared rooms with strangers could be made so unbelievably awesome?

    You've all seen the movies; hostels are cheap, unwelcoming places, right?

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    Wrong! Below are the most mind blowing, and comfortable, hostels from each continent. No need to find them so hostile now.

    1. The Adventure Brew Hostel, La Paz, Bolivia

    Adventure Brew Hostel is both a brewery AND a hostel! If that isn't exciting enough, they also give out free beer for the duration of your stay, as well as offering beer baths on the roof.

    2. Hostel Celica, Ljubljana, Slovenia

    Renovated by over 80 artists, Hostel Celica is the hottest spot in Central Europe. Originally a prison in the Austro-Hungarian Empire, this building now has a focus on peace, art, and diversity. You can always rest soundly knowing all your possessions are locked up safely.

    3. Radeka Down Under, Coober Pedy, Australia

    Coober Pedy is simultaneously the opal capital of the world, as well as being in the heart of the Australian Outback. Due to the extreme heat, Radeka is located entirely underground to keep comfortable at all times, allowing everyone to fulfill their hobbit fantasies.

    Flickr: trippinlarry

    Coober Pedy at night

    4. The Overstay, Bangkok, Thailand

    The Overstay is a hippie traveler's dream come true. Six storied, the hostel offers free concerts, art shows, a club, an art factory, AND a rooftop chill out garden. Wonder what people do up there...

    5. Jumbo Stay, Stockholm, Sweden

    Flickr: carlbob

    Jumbo Stay is not a true hostel, but is instead a hostel/hotel/aviation-dream-come true. Why? The hostel is ACTUALLY a retrofitted plane. Does that make it the easiest way to join the mile high club?

    6. Chinese Box Courtyard Hostel, Beijing, China

    The Chinese Box Hostel offers visitors a taste of traditional living, in a historic neighborhood of Beijing. It also offers free daily Kongfu tea ceremonies and tours of the city. For those traveling on the cheap, there are also three free dinners a week.

    7. Longstreet Backpackers, Cape Town, South Africa

    Longstreet Backpackers is one of the original hostels in Cape Town, one of the top voted hostels in all of Africa, and is in the beating heart of the city. It also includes it's own courtyard, BBQ area, and massive bar. Win!

    8. Point Montara Lighthouse Hostel, outside San Francisco, USA

    Flickr: cseeman

    Formally Coast Guard quarters, the Point Montara Lighthouse Hostel has been retrofitted into a cozy hostel. Rooms are even available inside the fog signal building for all your nautical fantasies.

    9. Anak Ranch, Orkhon Valley, Mongolia

    Anak Ranch is not a hostel for the faint of heart; it's barely even a hostel. If you're looking for adventure travel, Anak Ranch is the place for you. Guests are free to partake in traditional Mongolian life, relaxing on the steppe, or even taking ranch animals out for a ride.

    10. Cabo Polonio Hostel, Cabo Polonio, Uruguay

    Cabo Polonio Hostel isn't much, and that's what makes it perfect. It offers the bare essentials while being with a stone's throw from the Pacific. Truly a beach bum's paradise.

    11. Kadir's Treehouses, Olympos, Turkey

    Flickr: darcym

    Staying in log cabins might not be everyone's idea of a vacation, but chances are you'll barely be spending time inside anyway, due to having the Mediterranean and an entire ruined Roman city less than a ten minute walk away. Kadir is also gracious enough to supply breakfast and dinner daily.

    Flickr: bilgehanmaras

    Only ten minutes away.

    12. The Loft Hostel, Budapest, Hungary

    The Loft Hostel is truly a home away from home. Situated at the top floor of an apartment block, the Loft Hostel doesn't offer free ammenities. What it does offer, though, are knowledgable staff, a chill environment, and a great location right on the river. Awesome!

    13. India House, New Orleans, USA

    India House has tons of perks: it's located close to the Jazz Festival, Voodoo Festival, and French Street, and it offers a Bohemian atmosphere. Most importantly, though, India House has its own spirit animal - a magical(ish) cat! That's reason enough to go.

    14. Abraham's Hostel, Jerusalem, Israel

    Located right in the heart of Jerusalem, Abraham's Hostel is welcoming for all travelers - from families to solo backpackers. It also offers a free gaming center and free walking tours of the city. Win!

    15. Loki Hostels, Cusco, Peru

    It's hard to say what Loki Hostel, Cusco, doesn't have going for it. The hostel itself is set in a renovated 450 year old building, while also being within hiking range of Machu Picchu. It also offers volunteer opportunities for those looking to do good work, while still being one of the craziest party hostels in South America.

    So you can't wait to stay in a hostel now, right?

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