18 Reasons Lunch Is The Best Meal Of The Day

I feel strongly about this.

1. Lunch breaks up the work day, which helps reduce the chances of you doing this.

2. Lunch was made to be eaten outside.

3. Besides, have you ever heard of a breakfast or dinner picnic?

4. Two words: Lunch. Specials.

5. Your lunch break is a good time to bond with colleagues and make friends.

6. Your lunch break is a good time to bond with colleagues and talk about how much you hate everyone at work.


8. Unlike dinner, you can get away with eating lunch solo in public.

9. Lunch is the most socially appropriate time to eat sandwiches.

10. Same thing for tacos.

11. You can use “lunch” as a verb.

12. Lunch is an ideal time to eat leftovers.

13. Self-explanatory.

14. This photo would have been much more logistically complicated with cereal bowls.

15. Lunch dates are less pressure than dinner dates and you still get to eat food.

16. Lunch was basically happy hour in high school.

17. Besides, have you ever heard of a power dinner?

18. Ok, second breakfast is also pretty great.

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