16 Ways To Answer One Question: Are You Jewish?

If my mother asks, the answer is #1.

4. Jew-ish, I’d say.

5. I was BORN Jewish.

7. My parents think I am.

8. I don’t know if I have a choice.

9. Culturally, but not religiously. (Jon Stewart is my God).

10. As far as the organizers of Birthright are concerned, yes.

11. I had a Bar Mitzvah, but I only did it for the “benjamins” (read: Israel bonds).

12. Only on High Holidays (and not the 4/20 kind).

13. What, do I “look” Jewish? What are you trying to say?

14. Look at me. Nose goes.

15. I CAN be, if that’ll make your mother happy.

16. You met me on JDate, so clearly.

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