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    • Jer1957

      If Rep. Flores wants to make a case for impeachment—this Clinton Democrat suggests he introduce a “Declaration Of War Against Syria.” And argue vigorously for its defeat.  If the Congress has the testicular apparatus to reject war—and the President still attacks Syria in defiance of Congress then the Constitution is clear. Only Congress can declare war. Nixon-esque ‘presidential wars’ are impeachable matters.  Let us be done with this BS political fig-leaf known as an “authorization of the use of force.”  What is proposed by the President is war—and it is a war against a nation—Syria—with a mutual defense treaty with nuclear armed Russia. Think about that before you get too macho, congressmen. Parenthetically, I pity any wannabe 2016 Democratic presidential candidates who vote for/ or support this war—their ambitions will be toast. Maybe they can get a job at the Obama presidential library.

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