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    The Walking Dead Season 5 Finale In Gifs

    The Walking Dead season finale as told through mostly cat gifs

    Morgan Coming Out of Nowhere Like

    Daryl Looking Badass on His Motorcycle

    Rick Just... Being Rick

    Carol Continuing to Sneak Around

    Reg Getting Philosophical


    Cause we all know what happens when you get wise on The Walking Dead

    Daryl and Aaron Being Ambushed by Walkers

    Daryl and Aaron Trapped in the Car

    Carol Threatening Pete

    Morgan Rescuing Daryl and Aaron

    Abraham and Eugene Apologizing to Each Other

    Meanwhile, Rosita Watching Them Like

    Gabriel Leaving the Gate Open

    Rick and Michonne Having a Moment

    Gabriel Talking About Bob and Tyreese to Sasha

    Rick Going Inshane on Those Walkers


    Crazy, but not exactly wrong

    Alexandrians at the Meeting

    Sasha and Gabriel Fighting

    Glenn Fighting With Nicholas


    Nicholas Stop

    Walker Rave Party


    Why did dub step and raves survive the Apocalypse?

    Rick's Speech at the Meeting

    Reg's Death

    Pete's Death

    Meanwhile, The Wolves be Like:

    Season Finale Ends