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Dec 2016
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    jenyshendo commented on What's The Most Problematic Song In Music History?

    Second the vote for Aerosmith's Dude looks like a lady. It was definitely not a fun song written for Mrs Doubtfire (song released 1987, Mrs Doubtfire came out in 1993) and it plays into the idea that trans women and just "in disguise" to trick or trap people. I would also suggest… 


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    jenyshendo commented on "The Fellowship Of The Ring" Turns 20 This Year, So Here's A Bunch Of Jokes About It

    Completely agree, Faramir and Haldir all the way


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    jenyshendo commented on 23 Breakups So Ugly, You'll Be Glad You're Riding Solo

    My ex took me out for dinner and we had a really nice night, at the end if the evening he said he needed a few days by himself to finish his dissertation which I said was fine. A week later I hadn't heard a word from him and he wouldn't answer any messages or calls. Turns out his… 


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    jenyshendo commented on What Is The Worst Bride Moment You Experienced As A Bridesmaid?

    I was one of five bridesmaids for my friend. The wedding was in August and she chose and purchased the bridesmaid dresses in October the year before (before she'd even gone dress shopping herself). We gave our sizes in October but when we can to try them on 10 months later only one… 


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    jenyshendo commented on 17 Cringeworthy Bridezilla Stories That Will Seriously Get Under Your Skin

    I was one of five bridesmaids for my friend. She picked out and purchased the bridesmaid dresses in October, the wedding wasn't until the following August. When we tried the dresses on in October they fit but by the time we tried them again a month before the wedding only one was… 


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    jenyshendo commented on 21 Times "Napoleon Dynamite" Was The Most Quotable Movie Of 2004

    Napoleon: Summer Wheatly? How the heck are you gonna do that? Pedro: Build her a cake or something.


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    jenyshendo commented on What's The Most Underrated "Friends" Joke Of All Time?

    My all time favourite is when Rachel tries to write a steamy romance novel and it's full of typos and Ross says 'Did you get to the part about "his huge, throbbing pens"? I tell ya, you don't wanna be around when he starts writing with those!'


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