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    Posted on Jul 26, 2013

    22 Signs You Went To The University Of Maryland

    Because GO TERPS.

    1. The only reason you return to North Campus after Freshman year is for the pool... or a grilled cheese at the Diner.

    2. You thought you could apply to the Business or Journalism school after Freshman year, but then you realized that's impossible and settled for Psych or Comm.


    3. Not sure what to wear this morning? How about your everyday go-to-outfit? Leggings, North Face and Uggs.

    4. Kegs & Eggs, Skit Night, GREEK WEEK!

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    5. Pledging was all a part of the process. That you gladly accepted and certainly do not miss.

    6. Even after you graduate, you still receive UMD Alerts. You lived in College Park, you can handle anything now.

    7. You know that football games are really about the tailgates, and basketball games were about Gary Williams and screaming "Hey, You Suck."

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    8. You filled up your Shang Hai container on both sides and knew the Ratsies man by name.


    You would not enter either of these places in the daylight.

    9. Santa Fe. Sigh.

    10. Having 21 shots on your 21st birthday is completely normal.

    11. After closing the bar at Bentley's, your first stop the next morning is Bagel Place. For a Terrapin.


    Freshly whipped plain cream cheese with your choice of cheese slowly melted together on your favorite bagel. Choose from white american, muenster, swiss, cheddar, provolone or pepper jack. YUP.

    12. You frequented Van Munching for late night "studying".


    13. Or if Van Munching was too intimidating for you, you preferred the CSPAC library.

    14. You were so desperate during finals that rubbing Testudo's nose wasn't enough, you would offer up your Starbucks, granola bar and whatever else you had left over from your library binge.

    15. You wished the Mall had flat escalators to take you from class to class.

    16. You were the person who jumped in the fountain after hours.

    17. And that hill by Stamp Union? Ain't nobody got time for that.

    18. You saved up all your Terp Bucks to dine at Adele's.


    Cutting-edge culinary cuisine and classic Maryland Dining.

    19. When Wawa closed down you cried. RIP Wawa.


    Now we rejoice for Jason's Deli.

    20. And Route 1 during rush hour? NOPE.

    21. You're never too old to go back for Homecoming. Starting with tailgating in Lot 1 and ending at Cornerstone.


    22. And best of all. THIS.



    Maryland will win!

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