• jpenn19

      The private grade school I attended had a incredibly strict dress code. All of the most over the top situations I personally saw involved the same administrator (who actually still works in the same position more than a decade later). With the exception of assembly day, we could wear all white leather sneakers. According to this woman, the tiny blue logo on the back of keds sneakers violated the rules. Students were sent to after school study hall for this. Remember these are kids under the age of 10/11 and I can recall multiple students crying in the office waiting for their parents to bring them “acceptable” footwear. The strangest experience though was my classmate being reprimanded because her socks did not completely cover her ankles. They were not even “low rise” or “no show” socks, they simply were too small and did not come up high enough. Why picking on children was enjoyable for this administrator will never make sense to me. I understand the need to draw the line somewhere, but it was beyond overkill.

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