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    27 Slightly Odd Things Everyone On Slimming World Has Done

    Overused quark, for a start.

    1. Stuffed your face after a good weigh-in result as you've "earned it".

    2. Considered divorce or adoption when a loved one has eaten your syn free yoghurt or last Hi-Fi bar.

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    They could eat any cereal bar or yoghurt they wanted but NO, they eat yours.

    3. Took so long photographing and hashtagging your food that it's cold by the time you ate it.

    4. Memorised the syn values for everything, and regularly bartered with yourself.


    You've always been terrible at maths but can work out syns quicker than a Countdown contestant.

    5. Dedicated a shelf in your cupboard for all of the Slimming World essentials.

    6. Lived off syn-free chicken and vegetables all week so you could have several bottles of wine at the weekend.

    7. Wore the same clothes to weigh-in every week, and wore as little as you could politely get away with.

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    Every half pound counts. You'd wear a bikini or swimming trunks if you could get away with it.

    8. Spent way too much time on the toilet before a weigh-in.

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    9. Wallpapered your room with your certificates and sulked if your group leader forgot to give you one.

    10. Filled up your Google history with a long list of searches for low syn versions of your favourite treats.

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    Sometimes you just need chicken nuggets or a giant pizza with extra cheese. Surely a Slimming World-friendly version exists!?

    11. Knowing what quark is and using it in everything.

    12. Ate weird food combinations to meet the "third of your plate should be speed food" rule.

    13. Smiled on the outside while secretly hating that person who lost 3lb despite eating four takeaways.

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    14. Tried to swap pasta and rice for their vegetable versions.

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    But discovering that cauliflower rice, boodles, and courgetti just aren't the same.

    15. Eaten weird things like "crisps" made out of lasagne sheets and "cakes" made out of couscous.

    16. Panicked when someone told you something is higher in syns than you thought.


    And not calming down until you've checked your holy grail book.

    17. Mastered the art of hiding vegetables in food for reluctant family members.

    18. Got so annoyed about never winning Slimmer Of The Week that you've thought about quitting and signing up online.


    You can't help yourself.

    19. Lied about what you've eaten to your loved ones or your group leader.

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    Being judged all the time can be hard and sometimes you fall off the wagon and don't need to be told off for it.

    20. Gone through "before and after" photos on Instagram and left encouraging comments for strangers.

    21. Not eaten all day before going to weigh-in.

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    You know it's a bad idea but if your weigh-in is late in the evening you need all the help you can get.

    22. Bought a cupboard full of an item anytime something new and Slimming World-friendly was released.

    23. Secretly hated everyone who is doing better than you, even though you know you weren't 100% on plan.


    "IT'S NOT FAIR, I only had a few chips... and a fry up....and a whole chocolate cake."

    24. Bought every recipe book going even though you knew you won't make any of the recipes inside.

    25. Decided that syns you eat when hungover don't count, nor did the wine that caused the hangover.


    Sometimes, only a bacon and fried egg sandwich will do, and no, you're not cutting the fat off.

    26. Cried when your recipe didn't turn out the way it looks in the official magazine.

    Twitter: @EckertEmily

    Resisting the urge to throw it in the bin and go to the chip shop instead is a rite of passage.

    27. Automatically reached for your old size when clothes shopping, even though you know you've lost weight and have gone down a few sizes.