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12 Quick And Easy Women’s Hairstyles That Are Awesome Too

Did you wake up with zero time to even run a comb through your locks? Yes, that often happens, but does this mean that you have to make compromises on your appearance or go late? Definitely not. There are a number of reliable women’s hairstyles that you can make in a rush and still appear sophisticated and stylish. These are great to be used for work and can also be seamlessly transformed into casual looks. If you don’t have the length to make some styles, you can use hair extensions. Read on to find out the best easy and quick hairstyles for women:

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1.Giving your ponytail a twist

A ponytail can get boring when you make it every day, but you can add a bit of oomph by adding a twist to it. You need to divide your ponytail into two sections. Then, take one section and wrap it around the other for creating a casually twisted ponytail.

2.Knotting your ponytail

This is again another take on a ponytail. This is essentially between a ponytail and a braid, but the latter doesn’t have to be very complicated. This hairstyle can be used with varying hair lengths. You just have to make knots by dividing your hair into two sections, which gives it the look of a braid.

3.A modern messy bun

Even the most knotted hair look polished with this ballerina bun and it requires minimal effort. You need to brush your hair and make a ponytail and then put on a hairband. Twist your ponytail into a bun and then use a few bobby pins to secure it around the edges. Stick the end of a tail comb or pencil through the hair on the crown and tug some sections from the root to give some volume.

4.Pin with a twist

This is an easy upgrade that you can give to your hair without them falling flat. Take a one-inch piece of your hair from your temple and twist it away from your face. Use a bobby-pin to secure the twist and place it diagonally. Use another pin to create an X shape. You can use colorful pins to highlight the style.

5.A low knotted bun

This no-nonsense bun can add some unexpected style to your look without looking too over the top. First you have to make a low ponytail and use an elastic to tie it. Second, you should brain the length of your hair and tie it as well. Just like you would with a bun, the braid should be wrapped around the ponytail’s base and secure it with pins.

6.Fan out the bun

This voluminous bun can make even the finest of hair look thicker and fuller. The first thing you need to do is make a high ponytail using a boar-bristle brush. Take the ponytail in one hand. The hair under the elastic should be divided into two sections and leave some space between them. Pull the ponytail halfway through the space you have left. Fan out the hair gently with your hands. Use pins for securing the ponytail at the bun’s base, but leave some pieces for a slightly undone appearance.

7.Swept braid

This is a very simple and quick hairstyle that you can make in a couple of minutes because it is just like a regular braid, only swept to the side. It is easier and better than the French braid because you are able to reach your hair better on the side and thus, better dexterity. Pull your hair to the side and then make a braid.

8.Make a curly twist

Women who have frizzy or curly hair are constantly stressed because they consider them messy and difficult to deal with. The good news is that you can actually use this frizz or curl to your advantage. A curly twist is a gorgeous hairstyle you can make in a few minutes. All you have to do is make small half braids in your hair and then tie them all together in a ponytail. It is a slightly messy and casual look that comes off as very elegant. You can get some nice curly hair extensions too. Try Lene Hair for instance.

9.A scarf up-do

For summer hairstyles, this one is quick and sophisticated, as long as you have a stretchy hairband or a silk scarf. Divide your hair into large sections and then wrap them around the band. You can tuck in the loose strands as a finishing touch. You can use this hairstyle for parties and also for work.

10.A single twist

This twist also involves taking a one-inch piece of hair from the left side of your head, pulling it to the right and then pinning it. Now, take a piece of hair from the right side and pull it to the left and then pin. Make sure you tuck this section under the piece of hair from the left. Make sure they are secure and you are done.

11.Fake the pony

When you are not in the mood to make an actual ponytail, you can fake it to give your appearance a unique look. It involves scooping back your hair and rather than using an elastic, you should use pins for securing it. You can give yourself a casual look by leaving out a few tendrils of hair.

12.Double ponytail

If you are looking to add greater volume to your ponytail, this style will do the trick as it gives you the extra length and added height. First, make a half-up and half-down ponytail by pulling the hair above your ear and brush with a boar-bristle brush to ensure smooth lines. Let the hair beneath hang loosely and make a second ponytail from them right below the first. Use a fine-toothed comb for teasing the ponytail’s top in order to create fullness.

You can opt for any of these quick hairstyles for achieving a simple yet classy look without spending hours in front of the mirror or going to a salon for getting a professional up-do.

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